How to Resume Interrupted Downloads on MacBook

Downloading of large files takes time. Sometimes longer than we expect. And it's no fun if for some reason downloading process gets interrupted and you need to start the large download all anew.

There are a million reasons why this can happen, but there are also efficient ways to prevent this from happening! You won't need to restart the download if you have an effective solution that will simply enable download resumption right from the point it was interrupted.

Let's have a look at several solutions that can resume broken downloads Mac.

Folx Download Manager

Folx - a free powerful download manager that takes the best care of your downloaded content.

Folx is good at auto resuming interrupted downloads. Start download in Folx. If for some reasons f.ex bad router or problem with your service provider, you're left with an incomplete file Folx will resume it automatically. Or you can do it manually clicking the circular arrow. Downloading will be continued immediately.

Thanks to Folx you don't have to worry about your downloads even if your Internet connection keeps dropping. Folx resumes downloading from the exact spot it stopped, instead of restarting from the beginning, which saves a lot of time and traffic.

Folx has also a PRO version. Easily activated it adds a lot of benefits to downloading:

  • split the downloads in up to 20 threads for fast speed;
  • schedule the download tasks up to your convenience;
  • adjust speed in a smart way;
  • add music & videos to Music (former iTunes) playlists;
  • search multiple trackers for torrents at once directly from the app;
  • remember passwords for the most used websites for faster access.

Download for Free

Popular web browsers also offer the possibility of resuming downloads

Resume an interrupted download in Firefox


You can manage your files easily by clicking on the Downloads button. If the downloading process fails, retry a download. Click the button to the right of the entry to retry. If your download has stopped several times, the files may be corrupted. If a downloaded file doesn't work, try downloading the entire file again.

Resume a broken download in Safari


To resume a broken download in Safari click the Downloads icon in the upper right corner and click the curving arrow. The download should resume from where it was stopped.

Resume an interrupted download in Chrome


Chrome offers far better loading speed than many other browsers, however Chrome provides an option to auto resume interrupted downloads. Being able to resume the downloads helps save time as compared to restarting the download process all over again.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.09MB free space
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