RS232 over Ethernet
Share RS232 to Ethernet.

Looking for a way to enable hassle-free sharing of up to 500 RS232 port devices for any type of network? Try RS232 over Ethernet Connector — a revolutionary software that allows you to share multiple serial port devices over TCP/IP network. The number of serial ports is not restricting as the software allows multiple serial ports gaining access. RS232 to Ethernet Connector allows the serial port device connected to the local computer/device to be accessed even from a remote location (worldwide), as it was accessed locally.

Also available on Linux OS

Share RS232 port over Network

The integrated RS232 port device transfers info packages through TCP/IP network and then returns them from the network to your serial port device. This is possible through utilization of serial port technology which imitates and, in this case, takes to the next level regular COM ports.

  • Sharing serial port devices for inbound connections

    The server expects to handle inbound connections and then will share natural or virtual RS232 port devices over TCP/IP network on a local level. The server presence allows multiple clients to gain access at the same time. Each of the clients gaining access also are capable of transferring input/output serial info packages to their natural or virtual serial port device (locally). Types of such clients are generally applications that boot up external connection to a TCP or IP type of server connection.
  • Linking serial port to a host/client from a remote location

    In this case, achieving a client host connection is going to enable local genuine or digital transmission of RS232 port data to a server hosted on a remote location through TCP/IP types of protocols. On the plus side, is that client connection is this case doesn’t necessarily need Secure Enduser Connection to function properly. The only thing required is stating the IP address of the remote server as well entering the value of a TCP port. Provided that connection is successfully achieved, the info transmitted from the remote location will be instantly transferred to the local serial port to be handled more.
  • Sharing RS232 port points through User Datagram Protocol

    Another capability of serial –ethernet connectors is deflecting input/output info packages from natural or digital serial ports through User Datagram Protocol with the advantage that SEC is not needed here, as with client connection. The connector allows you to choose a type of protocol to enable the connection (Raw data algorithm or Telnet protocol). Additionally, in the same manner you can transmit all serial info over your local network.
  • Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux OS is available

    RS232 to Ethernet Connector is also available for Linux OS! Now you can choose whether Linux or Windows OS will be a client or a server; broadcasting over UDP is possible too. Note, that Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux is a command-line product at the moment.

    Download Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux OS now!

    Serial to Ethernet Connector Linux version for ARM-based devices is available! Now you can share serial ports on ARM devices or connect to remote devices. Note: you need D-Bus to be installed on your device to use this version.

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Full features list

# Feature Windows Linux
1 Share your RS232 ports and devices with others over TCP/IP network
2 Both TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols are supported
3 Easily connect to remote computer using TCP/IP Telnet protocol, with the RFC 2217 Telnet extensions for COM Port Control
4 Share an unlimited number of COM ports simultaneously for remote connections
5 No limitation on the quantity of virtual serial ports or connections created (except your system resources)
6 Manage port signal lines states in connections (for real ports only)
7 Verify connection's integrity by using "send command to keep connection alive" feature
8 Ability to send data on certain event in UDP connection type (when block of data reaches certain size, on receiving special char and on certain timeouts) (also in TCP connection)
9 Serial port names are not restricted to COMxx only and may have virtually any name
10 High speed data exchange from/to virtual serial port (up to 256 Kbits)

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  • RS232 over Ethernet Connector is a real catch! Now I can access my cash registers from distant office and receive data from them. Everything works great!
    Tyler VOX

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Serial to Ethernet Connector for Windows
Demo version limitations
• 14-day trial period
System Requirements
Windows 2000, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP/2003/2008/ Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2012
Latest Update
Version 7.1.876 (30th Jan, 2017) Release notes
  • SEC For Linux

    Requirements: Kubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala", openSUSE 11.2, 7.63MB free space, Version (30th Mar, 2010)