Save video from YouTube with Airy

What to do when you need to save YouTube video to computer avoiding complicated software and online services full of ads? Look for Airy! It is a helpful tool that allows to save YouTube videos with a few clicks and store it neatly on your PC.

To save videos from YouTube was quite a problem so far, but now using Airy there is nothing easier than that. You just have to click a Download button and all the needed videos will be saved.

If you'd like to know how to start using Airy, read the following tutorial.

How to save videos with Airy

  • From the official Airy website download the application and install it on your computer.
  • After running the app, paste the link with the video you want to download and choose the format and resolution you need. In addition, you can integrate Airy bookmark to your browser to have an instant access to the YouTube page and to add links faster.
  • Save video from YouTube
  • All the saving YouTube videos will go to an folder in your Downloads.
  • You can also use an MP3 extraction option in case you need to download only the sound of the video. Copy the video link to Airy and pick MP3 in format list. Click Download.
  • save videos with Airy

    Yes, it's that easy!

Why Airy YouTube video downloader

  • You can keep the video and watch it even if the original uploader removed it from YouTube.
  • You can watch HD videos without depending on the connection speed.
  • You can transfer the video to watch it on mobile device, tablet, etc.
  • You can extract MP3 sound out of video without keeping the video.
  • Enjoy the freedom of sharing the video anytime anywhere.

Airy for Windows

Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/Server 2012 , 14.16MB size
Version 2.2.260 (28th Jan, 2020) Release notes
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