Security gadgets and apps you need to know about

The question of data security is a burning issue for a lot of people nowadays. Constantly appearing articles about a new leak of data prompt people to download different security apps in order to somehow ensure their confidentiality. However, we do not need to forget that we can be a victim of not only hackers who can compromise your personal data but also burglars or meddlers who can steal important papers from your flat or root through a dumpster. In other words, the tracking of corporations, the ubiquitous hackers and the virtual absence of anonymity on the Internet are the exact realities in which we have to live every day.

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In order to increase the level of your protection, we have prepared this article where we would draw attention on security measures and provide you with some tips. So, let’s start.

List of security gadgets and software tools you need to take a look at

1. Security apps offering data encryption

One can find important or private information probably not only on everyone’s laptop but also cloud storage or remote servers. Generally, we use an ordinary password to protect our data, but for really important or sensitive documents, this method cannot be considered as secure. Because as we all know it is very easy to bypass or even to find out the password and your precious data would be revealed to the public. To avoid such situations, install CloudMounter. A powerful app developed by Eltima Software that can be considered as one of the best encryption software.

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With this software, you can seamlessly encrypt all the information on wide range of popular cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive. CloudMounter makes it possible to work with storages and servers as they are your local disks.

In its work, CloudMounter uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key length, so even if your account was hacked all the information will be presented as abracadabra to that person. Nobody but you is able to access the information stored on clouds or servers as it can only be opened from your copy of CloudMounter.

2. Password managers

Wherever you go on the web you see that it is necessary to log in, register or confirm your account information no matter is it is an online store or profile in social networks or on forums. So as you see, passwords play an important and one of the leading role when talking about the security of your data. Just admit, have you ever thought how many accounts you have on different resources? How many usernames and passwords have to be kept in your memory? Because as we all know, to ensure a great level of protection you should use a different password for every single online account or resource and unfortunately, simple passwords, like "password123" is insecure as well as writing down complex passwords. That is why, in reality, a lot of people do not bother themselves remembering all the passwords and apply the only one for all the accounts. Is it secure? Not really. In order to provide better protection of your data, such security apps as password managers come to rescue.

Such programs store all your passwords and they are encrypted and protected with a master password or a security token. Thus, you need to remember only one password – for the password store. That's it. And the rest of the passwords that you use can be very long and complex. A decent password manager even can generate strong, random password for every account or resource. Do not use simple or insecure passwords or remember them yourself.

3. Paper shredder machines

If important confidential documents fall into third hands – there can be serious problems. Even small strips of such documents is already a clue that can say a lot. That is why it would be a great thing to invest the market and choose a powerful paper shredder that can within a couple of seconds shred all the documents into tiny pieces.

The main parameter of shredder selection is its degree of secrecy. This is the size and shape of the fragments into which the paper will be cut. The smaller they are, the more difficult and longer it will be to restore the document.

Also, if you are dealing with not only paper documents but also with DVDs, CDs, plastic documents with the help of such security gadgets, you can easily destroy them all thus ensuring a better level of protection.

4. Cameras that react on motion

The security camera is the most important component of the modern security system. Its data allows you to effectively monitor, expose violators, etc. But should the camera record everything? Admit that it makes sense to record only when something happens. That's why many camera models are equipped with a motion detector. Why are security cameras with a motion sensor more efficient than others?

In devices with motion detection, recording is not only automatically turned on if any movement is detected but also such kinds of cameras send an alarm signal to your cell phone, tablet, etc. Spend some time surfing the Internet and protect not only your data but also your home. Luckily there are a lot of variants on the market, so choose the one that fully meets your requirements.

5. VPN

Your data is constantly threatened, while "traveling" through the network. In order to avoid it you should use VPN-service. When you are directly connected to the Internet, your data is transmitted over an unprotected network, which is very easy to hack. Not only hackers threaten the security of your data. Your ISP can track all the data that you send or receive via the Internet. If you do not take any precautions, your data can be stolen.

VPN is one of the simplest ways to protect against tracking and hacking. Traffic starts to go through the servers of other countries, the IP address is encrypted, and the service blocks the ways with the help of which sites try to track you. These security apps can be either paid or free. Which one to choose is all up to you. Try it yourself and choose the most appealing software tools.

So, here you go. In order to protect your personal information from third-party eyes, you do not need to be an expert in technology. You can use simple and understandable ways to protect against hackers. Of course, they will not give an absolute guarantee, but they will significantly improve security.

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