Don't neglect online security. Protect your sensitive data with a VPN

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In times when your confidential information is a useful tool in marketing strategies, targeted ads, business development it becomes harder to ensure data protection. And it is ever so important! If you visit certain online shops, you'll get tons of ads from these shops afterwards whatever pages you visit. This means your browser history is logged and tracked. Your location is also no secret to various tracking services. And so on and so on. Based on the info they get, they can build profile of you, and then manipulate the data for their own benefit.

Additionally to snoopers and surveillance, there are network security threats like malware, viruses, spam, etc. Protecting your personal sensitive data has never been more important!

Among the ways to ensure data security are antivirus programs, anti-malware, firewalls. The above mentioned solutions can help protect your system, but these are not used for personal info protection. Web browsers currently offer Incognito Window (Google Chrome) or Private Browsing Mode (Firefox), but these have a lot of limitations and you are still logged by your Internet providers. Using a VPN software, however, is a one-stop solution for all your security concerns.

What is VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and builds a virtual tunnel that transmits encrypted information between your machine and a VPN server. This tunnel secures your confidential sensitive information from spammers and hackers. The VPN technology is complicated and shields you with various mechanisms but simply put it blocks away unwanted persons and hides your IP address, thus securing and protecting information you value so much.

Using a VPN client is extremely easy (but make sure you get a good one). When you are getting a VPN client you'll get your login and password info and then create a VPN connection on your computer to connect to Internet securely.

Protect information

Cargo VPN - a trusted VPN service

Cargo VPN is trusted VPN Mac service. It also provides VPN for iOS devices: VPN for iPhone and VPN for iPad.

Cargo VPN encrypts your traffic and shields your activity and communications, including visited websites, your actual location, IP address, from all sorts of snoopers. With this trusted service you can feel safe on public WiFi, while accessing your bank account or using your credit card online.

Another great bonus about using Cargo VPN is the possibility to access unfiltered media from any country you are travelling to.

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Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for Mac OS 10.10+ , 8.8MB size
Version 1.2 (21st Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: Other solutions

Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for iOS 9.0+ , 63.9MB size
Version 1.0 (14th Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: Other solutions