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How to monitor COM port Device and when do
you need it?

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 11, 2019

What is a COM port and why monitor it?

The serial port is a communication interface that allows transmitting data 1 bit at a time. Today serial (or COM) interfaces are not that popular as they once were but in some areas like industrial automation systems, scientific instruments, network-enabling and lab equipment they are still the main method of communication.

monitor COM port Device

Serial port data monitoring issue

One of the most common problems that developers and users of serial devices and programs face is the inability to monitor the flow of data passing through COM interfaces.

In which cases is it necessary to monitor COM ports?

  1. Device Testing. When testing newly-created serial equipment, developers often need to make sure that the serial port to which the device is connected works correctly. For this purpose, they can use a dedicated third-party RS232 monitor software able to capture and record all traffic coming in and going out of a serial interface.
  2. Working with serial software. In addition to its main functionality, a serial app may need to collect data transmitted via a particular COM interface opened with this software. This will help to make it clear which data is going through which port. The port monitoring feature is especially helpful when working with CNC machines, POS devices, and even laboratory instruments.
  3. The need to monitor RS232 port may also arise when setting up serial equipment. You may want to capture data sent and received by RS232/422/485 ports (events from the apps, their status, etc.).
monitor COM port devices and apps

The simplest way to monitor COM port devices and apps

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) is the unique network solution that allows sniffing and displaying serial data going through the system’s COM interfaces. The technology can be either integrated into already-existing software or hardware or used as an additional tool for working with serial programs and equipment.

By adding the serial port monitoring capability to your own serial solution, you can considerably improve your product and make it more user-friendly. With Eltima Port Virtualization Technology you gain a competitive advantage over other providers of COM-based devices and apps coming without this feature. As a result, you attract new customers and significantly increase your revenue.

EPVT allowed us to provide our COM port monitor app with the ability to monitor a POS printer to collect receipts and visualize some statistics for shop owners.

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