Social media influence on the business

You can reach out to so many people over the web, it is amazing. What was only accessible to a certain circle of people can now be available for everyone who has access to the Internet. Social media marketing is an essential tool for letting the world know about your products and selling them to an immense auditorium of people all over the planet. Social media sites attract the wide group of users who are the potential clients if you choose the right platform and advertising for your business.

Since it came to light, many people use Instagram for business. It is a visual platform using mostly videos and images. Over 600 million active users mostly share photos of food, art, travel, and fashion every minute. One of the social media apps – Instagram has unique editing options for users to create personalized content. This app is entirely mobile.

Instagram for business

Social media advertising is rather successful with Instagram thanks to its visual aspect – images are easier to perceive than a plain text obviously.

Let's see how to use Instagram for business

To attract more followers you need to post frequently enough and offer interesting, high-quality, unique content that you personally own. Staying active and responding to comments under your photo makes your account personal and dedicated. Creating catchy descriptions and hashtags is also important.

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a completely mobile platform making it a bit harder to run a business Instagram account, where you want to post more than one image a day and type a detailed description. One of the best Instagram tips for business is using a computer app that will let you upload multiple images at a time (don't overdo it though, don't make your business account looking like a spam one). Uplet is a great Instagram for Mac app that allows online business owners to upload many images in a click and type description to each of them with hashtags and emojis. With Uplet for Mac you can use the full-sized keyboard for typing description and answering comments.

If you are running more than one business Instagram account, you can add them as well as your personal account to Uplet and switch between them easily without logging out.

Instagram business tools

Another app you might consider adding to your Instagram business tools is PhotoBulk developed by the same team as Uplet. PhotoBulk is a bulk image editor for Mac OS that lets you add watermarks, optimize and resize images in a single action.

Thanks to these helpful little apps you can post to Instagram from Mac, use the high-quality photos and do it all really fast even if you have many images to add at once.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 16.15MB size
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