Sonic SeedBox Alternatives for Mac

Sonic SeedBox is a torrent downloader that also offers a torrent cloud service for its users. This service helps you download various torrent files through the support of multiple download servers.

The way that Sonic SeedBox is letting the users convert torrent files to direct link, ensuring the downloading can be performed from anywhere, offering unlimited traffic and storage space and a wide choice of special features for a great downloading experience.

Sonic SeedBox

However no solution is 100% perfect, and there can be some downsides. The main disadvantages of Sonic SeedBox are:

  • The download speed is limited to 10MB/s.
  • Even though there is a free member plan, you still have to register.
  • Free membership only allows downloading up to 2 torrents in a day.
  • Storage capacity for free members is only 4GB.
  • NOT ad-free.
  • In order to have your torrents cached your account has to be very active.

Sonic Seedbox alternative on Mac.

There are other sites like Sonic Seedbox for Mac, however we are convinced that there is nothing better than a reliable app installed on your computer. One of the highly recommended Sonic SeedBox alternatives for Mac is Folx - a stable and reputable torrent client that can download torrents through regular links as well as the magnet ones, and allows you to create new torrents and share them with other P2P enthusiasts.

Folx is no doubt the top Sonic Seedbox alternative for Mac with all possibilities it offers for torrent fans. As much as it is a great Sonic Seedbox alternative free for Mac, Folx is also available in PRO version. If you decide you want to get your hands on more advanced torrenting features, here is what Folx PRO allows you to do:

  • Search for new torrents on many trackers at a time without having to leave the Folx app. It'll comb through many sites at once and present you with the most relevant results. Some of the trackers Folx supports are:,,,,, But there is way more of them.
  • Download at various speed rates. Speed can be adjusted manually, or you can let Folx adjust the speed to free some traffic to other apps you may be currently using. This allows for optimal bandwidth usage.
  • Scheduling the downloads is rather convenient. Additionally you can decide what Folx should do once all scheduled downloads are completed: quit the app, shut down the system, or switch to sleep mode.
  • Save your login data for the trackers you download from often, as well as websites with web authentication and FTP websites.
  • Send the downloaded music & videos straight to Music (former iTunes) playlists according to the assigned tags.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 76.1MB free space
Version 5.13.13908 (27th Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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