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Eltima Software’s Student Discount Program for 2021

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jun 16, 2021

Eltima Software is a software development corporation with a global presence. Our focus is on products that address simplifying the complexities of virtualizing USB and serial ports and achieving remote access to devices attached to these interfaces. We also specialize in software dedicated to monitoring and analyzing your system’s serial communication.

Eltima Software wants to work with universities to assist in providing students with quality software tools. To achieve that goal we offer online student discounts of 50% on any of our software products:

Some implementations of our technology include:

Using Serial over Ethernet software to virtualize an organization’s infrastructure.

Streamlining the development of serial applications and devices by using virtual COM interfaces.

Maximizing the usage of physical USB devices by making them available on network-attached physical and virtual machines.

In administering the discount program we will supply each school with a personal discount code. The code can be used by as many students and staff members as desired. Our software can be used for personal or work use as well as in a teaching or laboratory setting. Eltima’s products can facilitate cooperative projects that revolve around sharing USB and serial resources among many network users.

We appreciate any way that our software can be used to further the education of budding software engineers or developers. They hold the future in their hands and our hope is that we can play a small part in the development of products or techniques that make the world a better place and improve the quality of
everyone’s life.

To take advantage of student discounts at Eltima Software, drop an email to the following address: