How can I switch Android to iPhone?

So you had an Android device for a while and are now ready to switch to iPhone? In this case you'll probably need a stable and reliable solution to switch Android calendar and contacts to iPhone. And wouldn't it be awesome if this solution was free?
Well, here it is - SyncMate - a powerful tool that will help you switch Android to iPhone in no time.

It effortlessly moves calendars and contacts for absolutely free. Isn't it exactly what you were looking for?

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NOTE. SyncMate is installed on Mac, so your Android and iPhone are synced via your Mac, which means contacts and calendars will be first moved from Android to computer and then from computer to iPhone (or vice versa).

Android contacts switch to iPhone address book

Android contacts switch to iPhone address book

Don't you agree that contacts are the most important data out of what we have on the phone? Of course then precious photos follow! But here we talk about the way to switch Android contacts to iPhone. SyncMate is an all-in-one sync app that knows how to switch Android contacts to iPhone.
This app operates as a sync tool for your Mac and many other devices, including iPhone and Android phone. This means that when you switch Android to iPhone it moves contacts from Android to Mac and then from Mac to iPhone, nevertheless contacts arrive to iPhone not as a backup file, but exactly as they were on original device.

Switch Android calendar to iPhone

When you are creating new event in your calendar, you won't need to do it twice - on Android and then on iPhone - the same as with contacts, SyncMate will keep all events equally up-to-date on both devices and you'll never forget about an important appointment.

Switch Android to iPhone media files

At this moment media files transfer is not possible because of the iOS limitations, but as soon as there is any possible change in their policies, media files transfer between Android and iPhone will be added to SyncMate for sure.

Extra possibilities SyncMate offers for Mac users

As we wrote above, SyncMate transmits data between iPhone and Android through your Mac, which basically means all data is synced first from Android to Mac and then from Mac to iPhone. By all means, don't hesitate to involve your Mac as this way you'll have the most actual data everywhere. Read about some interesting facts about SyncMate below.

Mac and Android sync

Hopefully we have answered such questions as "Android calendar switch to iPhone iCal" and "How to switch Android calendar to iPhone", however there is more than just that to SyncMate. For example, SyncMate Expert allows syncing images, videos, music, playlists, and folders with files between Mac and Android. Plus everything can be synced automatically in the background and you can easily mount Android device as a Mac disk to access and work with its content from Finder. One can create, send, delete or even export Android text messages - all on your full-size Mac keyboard. SyncMate Expert can backup your Android on Mac too. More about syncing Android with Mac

iPhone and Mac sync

As we mentioned earlier contacts and calendars are synced for free between Mac, Android, or iPhone. SyncMate Expert can sync folders from Mac to iPhone and back, as well as images, videos and music, however the these three can be synced from iPhone to Mac only due to the restrictions of iOS. All mentioned synchronization possibilities can be automatic. You can mount iPhone as Mac disk for easy access from Finder and backup iPhone data on Mac. More about syncing iPhone with Mac


You’re just a click away from a convenient switch of Android to iPhone data. Don't forget that SyncMate syncs calendars and contacts for free - isn't it awesome?!

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