Sync iCloud calendar with Android

Thinking of syncing iCloud calendar with Android? We happen to know the app that can do it for you! It is SyncMate of course.

As Apple does not provide any native way of syncing iCloud calendar with Android, you may wonder how to sync iCloud calendar with Android in the least complicated way. SyncMate is a great solution that offers this exact option for free. It helps sync iCloud directly with Android device without transferring data to your Google account.

Some facts about SyncMate and how it works

SyncMate is a versatile app for Mac for syncing data on computer with various devices and online accounts.

Contacts and calendars are synced for free for all supported devices, and in case you want to sync more stuff, including media files and folders with different files - consider upgrading to SyncMate Expert for almost endless syncing and backup possibilities. Detailed list of sync options for Android devices can be found here.

Sync iCloud calendar with Android in several simple steps:

  1. Activate the automatic synchronization between your iCloud and Mac. This way the data from your iCloud account will be synced with your computer, which then allows you to sync iCloud calendars, contacts and other data from Mac to Android.
  2. Install SyncMate on your Mac. Open SyncMate to see the main window.
  3. Click “Add new” in the left pane and select Android device from the list; connect your device to Mac. Connect Android to your Mac
  4. Click the "+" button in the top panel choose Calendars from the plugins list. Adjust sync settings as required. Sync iCloud calendars with Android via Mac
  5. Click “Sync” to have calendar events updated between your Mac and Android device. Sync Mac with Android without Google
  6. If you have any issues establishing automatic sync between iCloud and Mac, you can either contact Apple support, or let SyncMate sync data from iCloud to Mac and vice versa.


Additionally to Android and iCloud, SyncMate supports other Mac computers, iOS devices, mounted and MTP devices, Google and Dropbox accounts, Windows services (Outlook, Office 365).

The full list of supported devices and sync options is located here.


SyncMate requires OS X 10.10 and newer and is compatible with Android 5.x-10.x devices and iOS 5.x-13.x devices.

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10 , 49.85MB free space
Version 8.0.469 (3rd Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities
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