Can I download YouTube videos on Mac and sync them to Android?

Are you in search of a high-quality software that will allow you to download YouTube video on Android? We have great two apps to recommend that will let you download YouTube video on Mac and sync YouTube video to Android.

Even though you can find lots of apps advertising themselves as great solutions to download YouTube video on Mac, not every of them will do what is promised. We can say for sure that Airy app will download YouTube video on Mac as well as entire channels and playlists.

But what if you want to move your youTube video to Android? We have a solution for that too! SyncMate is an app perfect for syncing YouTube videos to Android. Read a step-by-step How To below to learn about YouTube downloading and YouTube video sync on Android with the help of Airy and SyncMate Expert.

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Downloading YouTube videos on Mac

  1. Get the Airy app on your computer, install, and open it.
  2. Paste the link to a YouTube video, channel, or playlist into Airy. For downloading many videos at a time paste all YouTube links into Airy. As you need to paste them altogether, use a text editor prior to adding links to Airy.
  3. Download YouTube videos on Mac with Airy
  4. Select the file format to save video as. You can actually save just an MP3 file instead of saving the whole video. Just select MP3 format to achieve that.
  5. Click Download. You can set any preferred download folder in Airy's Preferences.

Sync YouTube video with Android

Now that you have downloaded all YouTube videos on your Mac it is time for syncing YouTube videos to Android. Use SyncMate Expert for best results! The app will sync YouTube videos from a folder on your Mac to a folder in your Android device.

SyncMate is probably the only application that can connect Android to Mac and sync data between them. The model or manufacturer of your phone or tablet doesn't matter - as long as it is Android OS 5.x-10.x - it will be synced with Mac 10.10 and later.

Additionally to downloaded YouTube videos sync, you get to transfer contacts, calendars, media, and folders. There is also the possibility to mount Android as Mac disk, manage Android texts directly on Mac and view call history.

Here's how to sync a downloaded YouTube video to Android:

  1. Firstly download SyncMate from here. Videos are synchronized through Folders plugin, which is available in Expert edition of the app (Free edition will sync contacts and calendars). You’ll need to upgrade to Expert here (we recommend you to test SyncMate Free Edition prior to upgrading to Expert).
  2. Open SyncMate and in the left panel click 'Add New' link and select your Android device. Connect your phone or tablet to Mac.
  3. Synchronize data on Mac with Android
  4. Click the "+" button at the top and choose “Folders” plugin from the list.
  5. Indicate the folder containing the videos you want to be synced and set the parameters: filters to sync particular items, set the side with a higher priority - Mac or Android (comes in handy when a file is updated during the sync process).
  6. Android folders sync Mac
  7. That’s pretty much it. Initiate the synchronization by clicking “Sync” button.
  8. Mac and Android data synchronization
  9. BTW, you can synchronize folders with videos automatically. You can set up automatic sync to start when the connected device becomes available; at a scheduled time; make it happen quietly in the background. Choose the settings once and they will be implemented for all future sync sessions.
  10. Sync data between Mac and Android automatically


We hope this article helps you download YouTube video to Android. If not directly, but at least in a reliable and safe way.

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10 , 49.85MB free space
Version 8.0.469 (3rd Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities
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