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There has never been shortage of cool business apps for Mac OS X. On the contrary, there are so many of them that it is easy to get confused, so we thought of giving you an overview of top apps for business developed for Mac.

We hope you’ll find them helpful:

No list of top Mac apps for business goes without Alfred, the app is famous for creating workflows, powerful automation tools. A handy application launcher, it allows creating a system of shortcuts and hot keys and finding files.

This backup service is another favorite of top apps for business. You can choose to store data either on an external hard drive, it is free, or in the cloud – there is a subscription fee and your data is encrypted. You and your friend can pair and use the app to backup data on each other’s computers.
This one is included in the list of cool business apps for Mac for being a wonderful instant messaging platform. It allows organizing conversations into private and public channels and indexing them. You can share images, files in PDF and other formats, thus reducing the number of e-mails exchanged. Since this app is aimed at the workspace, it maintains a complete register of all activities occurring in it. Thus, any information or data can be quickly found, becoming very suitable support for establishing communication between work teams.
Next on the list of famous Mac apps is Evernote. This app can be extremely powerful and helpful if you know how to use it. You can sync notes on your Mac and mobile devices, create lists, scan documents, add photos and audio files. There’s handy Evernote Web Clipper that allows you to save part of any webpage for later retrieval. Keep everything that interests you in this notebook and access your data from different devices.
Despite all the competition on the market, Skype does not lose its well-deserved place among the best apps for business. Most of us would prefer it to any other app that enables video conferencing. Install the best communication app at the moment, turn Skype into the core of your entire communication ecosystem.
One more popular among apps for business is Trello. If you need an easy-to-use project management app, Trello might be what you are looking for. It allows tracking your team’s workflow by creating cards corresponding to particular assignments or tasks. You can add as many details to them as you find necessary – members, checklists, labels, stickers, etc.
The next in the list of small business apps for Mac and not only is this text and code editor. Plain and lightweight, it can be used for various purposes. An additional bonus is its clean minimalistic interface. The application is compatible with almost all modern programming languages. Besides that, TextWrangler has a tool that allows you to compare files and find differences between them, shortcuts for several different scenarios and a function with which you can quickly search and replace text fragments.
The market offers plenty of web-browsers for Mac OS X, top apps however includes Chrome – no other browser beats it when it comes to speed. Chrome offers a lot of handy plug-ins and extensions and remembers your settings and preferences across computers and devices.
One of the most popular Mac apps is 1Password. The app to remember your password in a secure way. It is also capable of generating passwords and prompting you to change them, whenever required. With its help, you can securely store passwords, credit card data, databases, passport information, third-party application licenses, and secure notes.
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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 19.75MB free space. Version 1.7.4(2445). (21st Sep, 2017). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(15)
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Next on our list of best business apps for Mac is Commander one - file management software that offers plenty of features. Pro Pack edition of this file manager software Mac owners can use for managing documents stored on various cloud services, including Dropbox and Google Drive. The app has Team License for 5 Macs and Company License for 50 Macs – an investment certainly worth considering.
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TextExpander is one of the excellent Mac apps that offers full use of the keyboard shortcut thus, giving you the opportunity to create personalized keyboard shortcuts, which is used when rewriting any text line. Besides that, the best part is that you can not only assign text to certain abbreviations but also you will be able to include images or dynamic data that change over time. This app is installed in the System Settings as another panel, which you can turn on or off if necessary.
aText is a handy utility that facilitates text entry and can be proudly called as one of the coolest business apps for Mac. You can set abbreviations for regular phrases, thereby reducing the typing time. With this app, you can set the current date and time in any format, call AppleScripts, import data from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, etc. In addition, sync via Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive.
One more solution from the list of top apps for business is Ulysses - a perfect text editor. It has everything you need for both the basic and advanced authors. This is a text editor with support for the extended version of Markdown, focused on writing large amounts of text. You can find everything in it: a convenient library with a search function and smart folders, tags, support for links, pictures, etc. This allows you to quickly sort your work by categories and groups. It is also worth noting the "Goal" function, which allows you to set the size of the text to which you will strive.
This email client has an elegant and intuitive design and can be considered as one of the best business apps for Mac. It has a large selection of functions for managing email and high-speed work. Among the key features of Airmail it is worth noting the following: it allows you to manage multiple accounts and is compatible with most services: Yahoo, Gmail,, AOL, Google Apps, etc, the program interface is divided into 4 columns: different accounts, a list of folders, a list of letters and the contents of messages, it allows you to copy and transfer messages from different accounts.
Leading solution among top apps for business also is Backblaze. It is a backup and storage service for files on the Internet that allows you to keep files on remote servers for their safety in case of loss of local copies. Unlike popular cloud services, Backblaze is clearly tailored for long-term storage of information, and not for synchronization back and forth and sharing with other users. Backblaze provides an unlimited amount of space. However, it also should be mentioned that the service supports backup of the only one computer.

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This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 19.75MB free space, latest version 1.7.4(2445). Released 21st Sep, 2017.

4.5 rank based on 89+ users , Reviews (15)
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