Top programs that save your time with common tasks on Mac

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When working on a computer it is more often than not we have to do repetitive tasks, e.g. resize a large number of images, move files here and there, make the same changes on your web-site, etc. They might not require much of your mental involvement, but they do take a lot of your time. That is why there are apps that can automate repetitive tasks, e.g. there is a batch image resizer Mac owners love to use that allows – among many other things – batch rename images.

Mac apps are not the exception, we’ll tell you about our favorites:

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 9.73MB free space. Version 2.1.246. (7th Feb, 2018). 5 Rank based on 485+ users, Reviews(32)
Category: MultimediaApplication
PhotoBulk is a Mac OS X image editor that allows editing images in bulk – you can resize, optimize, rename and add watermark to image or rather hundreds of them in one go. This Mac image converter supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF formats, you can retain watermark proportions when adding it to pictures of various sizes and preview changes before saving them.


Regular expressions are huge time savers – massive blocks of data can be changed in a very short span of time, and Regex is the tool that makes working with them really easy. It builds patterns with syntax coloring – you thus can see how the regex engine sees it. When you are editing your pattern, matches and replacements are displayed in a real-time mode.


This is a one-window Web design app that enables you to update a web-site very fast. You can split panes to edit multiple files side by side, use Clips for code snippets you employ often, access specific files in a special Open Quickly window. The tool you’ll love most is Find and Replace – global changes in your code can be done by simple drag-and-drop action.


We bet you already heard about this productivity app – setting up hotkeys means you don’t have to switch between your mouse and keyboard every other second – what a relief for your fingers. You’ll be surprised at how using keywords and text expansion saves you hours in a longer perspective.


This is a file management application that allows you to set rules for specific folders, i.e. to export them to iPhoto and iTunes or not. You can sort downloads, empty your trash when it reaches a certain size, etc. The best thing about Hazel is that it does things quietly in the background, without interrupting your work.

Give each of these apps a try, we bet you would want to keep at least a couple – if not all – of them. Time is precious, and these apps certainly help you save it.


This Image Editor for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 9.73MB free space, latest version 2.1.246. Released 7th Feb, 2018.

5 rank based on 485+ users , Reviews (32)
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