Cargo VPN: Why Is It the Best Free VPN for Kodi?

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What Is Kodi?

Kodi is a free, open-source software developed for home theaters. Originally it was created for Xbox Media Center playstations (XBMC), but later grew into a separate product supervised by a separate team of developers. Kodi converts any computer, smartphone or tablet into a digital playstation or media player allowing users to stream content from the Internet.

Unlike other TV media players such as Apple TV, Chromecast 2 and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi does not require having a license or using a special app store. It supports plugins and allows you to watch any content you want. Moreover, with its specialized user interface watching video files becomes much easier. So you can enjoy videos, photos and podcasts without any efforts.


VPN for Kodi

You may ask a reasonable question: do I need a VPN for Kodi? The answer is yes and no. Besides the Internet security and anonymity that VPN provides, it also allows Kodi plugins to function. You can find lots of extensions for Kodi which make it work better. But geographical boundaries are the main reason why many users can’t upgrade this software. If you connect to a VPN, all local restrictions will vanish and you can access Kodi plugins from anywhere on Earth.

What Is the Best VPN for Kodi?

If you want to get the most reliable, effective, protective and secure VPN for Kodi on your macOS and iOS device, use Cargo VPN. To protect your online presence and omit all geo-restrictions Cargo VPN not only hides your IP address, location, and personal data but also offers you lots of other useful functions and features.

Worried about your protection and safety in public places? WiFi in shopping malls, cafes, airports and business centers doesn’t inspire confidence? Rely on Cargo VPN - its high-level 256-bit encryption won’t allow third parties to jump into your online life. Any insecurity is immediately detected. If you are concerned about your privacy while entering credit card details, logging in to social networks, etc. then using Cargo VPN encoding is definitely a must.

Cargo VPN Service: What Are the Benefits?

Cargo VPN
  • If your country puts restrictions on some websites, services, videos, etc. or totally forbids a particular content, Cargo VPN will help you bypass those. It allows you to visit and view any content on the web.

  • Governmental security organizations may be tracking your online activities 24/7. To disappear from their view use Cargo VPN. Its first-class encryption ensures the highest level of security and anonymity.

  • Ordering airline tickets from your US location will cost you extra money. With Cargo VPN you can change your IP and location, so the prices can be surprisingly lower. The same concerns online streaming, software subscriptions, car rentals, etc.

  • Cargo VPN is the fastest VPN for Kodi because it covers over 1000 high-speed servers in more than 70 locations all over the world. It allows instant access to any web page from any corner of our planet.

What Do I Get with Cargo VPN?

  • With Cargo VPN you can filter URLs and avoid adware, malware and malicious websites. DNS Firewall offers you 4 protection levels to block undesired stuff and get rid of it for good.

  • Torrent users can download torrents and share files in absolute anonymity with Cargo VPN. This top VPN for Kodi hides your identity while downloading and file sharing, so different trackers won’t identify you.

  • Cargo VPN doesn’t slow down your Internet connection. You can access any web resource from any place on the Earth with the usual high speed. The fast servers don’t steal your Internet speed nor keep you waiting for connection.

  • You can use Cargo VPN on your iPhone or iPad. The app is available for downloading in App Store. You have a great possibility to stay secure and anonymous while browsing through the web anywhere and anytime.

If you want more advanced possibilities from your VPN service, you can also order the Personal Static IP address and Personal VPN Server:

  • When using Cargo VPN for Kodi you access any website or service from your Personal Static IP address. It’s absolutely secure and reliable as well as only yours. Personal Static IP address is a reasonable investment in your safety as the world’s practice shows that widely known IP addresses often get blocked.

  • Cargo VPN also provides you with the Personal VPN Server which is a powerful protection if you want more advanced security level than the Personal Static IP. With the Personal VPN Server you will stay undetected even by strong programs and services.

Cargo VPN gives you access to Kodi updates very easily and allows you to enjoy this home theater software to the fullest extent. It also ensures your anonymity and security while web surfing as well as availability of any content.

Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for Mac OS 10.10+ , 8.8MB size
Version 1.2 (21st Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: Other solutions

Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for iOS 9.0+ , 63.9MB size
Version 1.0 (14th Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: Other solutions
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