Top Torrent Proxy List to use in 2018

Are you an avid torrent fan? Some P2P users have a couple of favorite torrent trackers that they turn to most of the times, so that can be especially frustrating if one day your favorite torrent site cannot be accessed. In a situation like this using a torrent proxy server or mirror sites will be of great help.
KickassTorrents Proxy
PROXY SITE STATUS SPEED Fast Very Fast Fast Fast Fast
EZTV Proxy
PROXY SITE STATUS SPEED Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast

Why to Block Torrent Sites

Generally when you start downloading and eventually seeding a torrent you are connected to a swarm of other P2P users. People in the swarm can see your IP address as well as those who only joined the swarm to monitor torrent users.

What are Torrent Proxy & Mirror Sites

The way the torrent proxy server works is funneling your traffic through their server showing their designated IP address that may be located in a different country. Mirrors are replicas of an already existing sites.

Unblock torrent sites

While using a torrent proxy server is very much recommended you can start by using torrent mirror sites. Mirror links (or proxy links) let you access the original website's content even when the domain you regularly visited before is blocked. Refer to the list above for the best torrent mirror sites or torrent proxy sites and enjoy your favorite torrent sites unblocked.