How to download YouTube videos on Mac and transfer them to Android

Let us guess what you are looking for. A reliable solution that will not only download any YouTube video to your Mac but will also transfer it to Android device.

Even though there are thousands of YouTube downloaders for Mac, not all of them can download YouTube videos, playlists and channels in one click like Airy - a YouTube downloader for Mac by Eltima.

And then there is the need to transfer videos you already have on Mac to your Android device. Since Apple doesn’t offer any built-in option of connecting Mac computers with Android and transferring data between them, SyncMate - a sync tool for Mac and Android by Eltima - comes in handy.

Below is a step-by-step How To that will show you how to download YouTube videos on Mac and transfer them to Android using Airy and SyncMate Expert.

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Downloading YouTube videos on Mac

  1. Download Airy app to your computer and open it.
  2. Paste a link to a YouTube video, channel, or playlist into the box in Airy. To download multiple videos at once, just paste multiple YouTube links into the URL box.
  3. Download YouTube videos on Mac with Airy
  4. Select the preferred video format to save a video in. And the cool thing is, you can extract the soundtrack out of the video without having to download the video itself. Just choose MP3 from the list of formats.
  5. Click Download. To choose Android folder as default, go to Preferences and make changes.

Syncing videos you have on Mac with Android

So, all of the YouTube videos you wanted to have on your Mac are already downloaded. And here comes SyncMate Expert, an app that will sync these videos from folder on your Mac to folder in your Android device.

SyncMate is probably the only tool that allows connecting Android to your Mac and syncing data between these devices. Any model, any manufacturer - if your device runs Android 5.x-10.x - it can be synced with Mac 10.10 and higher.

No matter which data you need to sync - contacts, calendars, media, folders - SyncMate will do this for you.

Moreover, besides data sync, you can mount Android as Mac disk, manage Android texts directly on Mac and view call history.

But let’s get back to videos sync.

  1. First of all you’ll need to download SyncMate from here. Note that Folders sync option is offered in Expert Edition of SyncMate (Free edition allows syncing contacts and calendars), so you’ll need to upgrade here (we recommend you to test SyncMate Free Edition prior to upgrading to Expert).
  2. In the left pane click 'Add New' link and choose Android device. Connect your phone or tablet to your Mac.
  3. Synchronize data on Mac with Android
  4. Press "+" button in the top panel and choose “Folders” from the plugins list.
  5. Choose folder with the downloaded videos and specify sync parameters: set filters to sync particular items, configure side with a higher priority - Mac or connected device (in case a file was updated during the sync process).
  6. Android folders sync Mac
  7. That’s all. Launch sync process by clicking “Sync” button.
  8. Mac and Android data synchronization
  9. BTW, SyncMate Expert offers you Autosync option - this means that a chosen pair of folders (or any other data) can be synced automatically depending on parameters you’ve selected: when the connected device is available; syncing at a specific time; syncing in the background. These settings will be implemented for all future sync sessions.
  10. Sync data between Mac and Android automatically


Hope this article was helpful and thanks for reading.

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10 , 49.85MB free space
Version 8.0.469 (3rd Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities
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