Mac keyboard for Android

We live in the so-called “post-PC era” when mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets have replaced desktops in executing most – if not all – of our computing tasks. There are many advantages to using these devices – portability, connectivity, variety of more focused apps, ability to synchronize data on multiple devices, etc. Let us not forget that while being on par with personal computers in terms of capacity, mobile devices are still more affordable.

There is only one aspect they fail in compared to computers, and that is their on-screen keyboard. Designed for tapping short messages and exchanging greetings on Skype, Viber and alike, it is clearly not meant for typing in an assignment or business report – neither in terms of speed nor in accuracy. Many of us find it easier to prepare a document on their PC or a laptop, then copy-paste it in a text editor on your mobile device to send it out. If you find it to be troublesome, here is a solution that will simplify things for you – Typeeto.

Typeeto connect Android device

Typeeto is a versatile tool that enables you to use Mac keyboard as a bluetooth keyboard for Android devices (Android 4.0.4 and higher). You can use it to enter texts of any length and utilize all its shortcuts on your Android phone or tablet. Typeeto emulates Bluetooth keyboard, so it does not make any difference whether your full-scale keyboard is wireless or not. You only need to establish a Bluetooth connection between your device – any number of them – and Mac to start typing away.

With Typeeto you can:

  • Use Mac keyboard on Android devices to enter texts and messages;
  • Copy-paste a text from your Mac to a device;
  • Utilize controls on Mac to playback media on attached devices;
  • Choose a look for your app – Dark & Light themes;
  • Make use of audio and animation effects;
  • Assign hotkeys to each device to switch between them easily.

Not only Typeeto is easy-to-use, it is equally easy to install and setup the app. You only need to install the app on your Mac and establish a Bluetooth connection between the machine and devices. It is compact too – making your life so much easier it requires just a tiny bit of your hard disk.


Requirements: OS X 10.9.5+ , 5.8MB size
Version 1.5(503) (24th Sep, 2019) Release notes
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