Risks of using pirated software: Typeeto

Piracy is as old as the world. Centuries ago it might have had a certain kind of glamour associated with it – movies often romanticize sailing the faraway seas and fighting against all the odds. However let us not forget that first and foremost, it is an act of violence. So if you are involved in software piracy, you are violating someone’s right to get paid for the work they have done. Not nice of you, isn’t it? And if the ethical aspect of the problem does not stop you from using pirated software, perhaps your common sense will. “There ain’t no such thing as free lunch”, as you know – the hidden cost of the pirated software far exceeds the price you would have paid for a legit software copy. We’ll tell you why.

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Cracked software is usually downloaded from the sites that are swarming with malware. The application files you download from there typically have a virus or two attached to them. And if the computer slowing down seems to be a minor problem to you, perhaps you should be a little more serious about personal information stealers. These viruses sniff and search for your credit card number, your online banking password and other such data. Of course, you might employ your spyware and anti-virus applications, etc. but is it really worth the fuss? Think about it.

Another trouble you might run into is that the stolen software will stop working – usually after a regular update – and no, no Customer Care can help you with that. If you choose to block automatic updates, it might help your for a short while, but eventually – since no vulnerability fixes and patches will be received by you – you’ll have issues with security.

Do not forget that breaking the copyright laws has legal consequences. If you are caught, the fine imposed on you will certainly be higher than the fee you’d have paid for a legal copy of the application.

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Requirements: OS X 10.9.5+ , 5.8MB size
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