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If you have a Mac machine, what is the possibility of you owning an iOS mobile device – an iPhone, iPad or iPod? Very high. Mac owners find it convenient to use devices that run the same OS – no troubles with synchronizing data, using and updating the same apps, etc. Mobile devices can perform most of our daily computing tasks. With all the advantages they offer – portability, connectivity, versatile apps, relatively low cost, etc. – we love them, don’t we?

The only issue you might face is entering a text, and if an on-screen keyboard is still OK for chatting and messaging, composing a mail or preparing an assignment might be a challenge. Although you eventually might get used to tapping rather than typing, is there anyone who would prefer an on-screen keyboard to a full-scale physical keyboard? Most probably not.

That is why we have Typeeto, an application that enables using Mac keyboard with iOS devices. Say, your Mac is not connected to the Internet and you have to email your business report from an iPad. You can use your Mac’s keyboard to prepare the report directly in your iPad’s text or spreadsheet editor and send it right away.

Typeeto connect iOS device

By allowing you to use Mac keyboard with iOS devices, Typeeto gives you freedom to enter texts of any length in an easy, convenient and accurate way. To emulate Bluetooth keyboard you need to pair the device with your Mac via Bluetooth Preferences, and the number of iOS devices you can pair with Mac is unlimited. To make switching between them easier assign hotkeys to each of them.

These are some of the benefits offered by Typeeto:

  • Use your Mac keyboard as Bluetooth keyboard on iOS devices;
  • Copy-paste messages from your Mac to an iOS device;
  • Make use of media keys on Mac to control media playback on connected devices;
  • Assign hotkeys to devices in case there are many of them;
  • You can also choose the way your app looks – themes available now are Dark & Light; make use of audio and animation effects.

The functionality offered by Typeeto is powerful, yet the app is compact and very easy-to-use. To use Mac as keyboard for iOS devices or another Mac, follow these simple steps: download and install the app on your Mac, pair Mac machine with your devices, launch the app and you can start typing right away. Could it be any easier?


Requirements: OS X 10.9.5+ , 5.8MB size
Version 1.5(503) (24th Sep, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities
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