Mac as Keyboard for iPad

We love our iPads, don’t we? These devices can perform most of our computing tasks being much more portable compared to thinnest of laptops. You can surf Internet, send and receive emails, watch online videos, share images and slideshows, listen to music on iTunes, etc. There are plenty of applications you can download and use on your iPad for various purposes – game and entertainment, business and education. Last, but not the least – synchronizing iPad data with data on other iOS devices or Mac machines is just a matter of a few clicks. As convenient as it could get!

There is only one thing you might not like about iPads – the way you enter text. It usually takes a while to get used to tapping, and even when you finally do, you would still prefer using a real full-scale keyboard, wouldn’t you? Especially when it comes to composing an assignment, preparing a business report and other such tasks.

Fortunately, there is a way to do it – you can use your Mac as keyboard for iPad with the help of special software. Typeeto by Eltima Software enables you to use Mac keyboard as Bluetooth keyboard for iPad or rather it allows you to connect Mac as iPad keyboard via Bluetooth. The application has very little impact on the performance of a computer; it is powerful and easy to use. All you have to do to share Mac keyboard with iPad is to download and install the application on your Mac, pair it with your iPad via Bluetooth preferences and launch the app. That’s it – start typing right away!

Typeeto connect iPad

Mac as Bluetooth keyboard for iPad – now you can enter text of any length without annoying typos, do it quickly and accurately. What would you usually do if you have to prepare a presentation and it is only your iPad that is connected to the Internet? Prepare it on your Mac and send it from your iPad, isn’t it? With Mac as iPad keyboard you can easily prepare your elaborate reports directly in the text or spreadsheet editor on your iPad and send it right away. The number of iPads for which you can use Mac as keyboard is practically unlimited – as many as you need to, and each of them can be assigned a hotkey so you can switch between them in a click.

Check out what it is like to use Mac keyboard as keyboard for iPad mini, Mac keyboard as keyboard for iPad piano and other such applications.

Benefits you can get by utilizing full-scale Mac keyboard for iPad:

  • Use copy-paste action – move a text from Mac to your iPad and the other way around;
  • Play, Pause, Fast Forward, etc. video and audio files on your iPad with the help of media playback keys on your Mac;
  • Use your Mac as keyboard for multiple iPads and you can switch between them in a click if you assign them a hotkey.

Typeeto also offers an enhanced user experience – you can choose between Dark & Light themes and enjoy sound and animation effects.


Requirements: OS X 10.9.5+ , 5.4MB size
Version 1.4.3(124) (9th Jul, 2017) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication