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Lots of Internet users sometimes face the problem of accessing particular websites. E.g. a site may be blocked, an IP may be banned or the resource may be blacklisted. In some cases you can take your time and find an alternative link, but it often happens that you need to open this very website right away.

It’s worth mentioning that you can’t access a web resource only for one reason if it’s shut down. Any other blockage can be bypassed if a required site is functioning. One of the most common ways to go around all barriers on the Internet is the usage of proxy servers.

What’s a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediary between a user and a blocked website. It fulfils the functions of transmitting and spoofing your data as well as allows you to bypass any blocks and to keep anonymity of your IP. When you use a proxy server your IP address is not identified by the websites you visit. Instead of your real IP a proxy leaves its own address on the sites which makes it impossible to track your location and device.

How does a proxy work?

Work with a proxy server is quite simple. Say the website you want to view is blocked by the system administrator. By connecting to the Internet via a proxy server which is easy to configure you simply open the site you need. At the same time, the sysadmin doesn’t even know about it. It’s all possible because now your computer sends a request not to a specific website address, but to an IP that doesn't stand out in any way. From now on, your computer is connected to the Internet indirectly. You can send your queries to any websites because your Internet access is limitless.

When you use a proxy server you get not just the online freedom, but the data spoofing as well. Thus, while sitting in a New York office, you may appear online as a resident of Singapore. That’s because a proxy may be located in any country of the world. If you like you can connect through a specific country, as long as it’s not an anonymous proxy.

What’s a proxy server

How to use a proxy server?

To start using a proxy you should first bind it to your computer. Find the IP address and the port of the proxy server you’d like to connect to. Add this data to your operating system settings. If you want to use a web proxy, you don’t need to change your computer settings or install any special software. You can use this proxy from any computer connected to the Internet. Just paste the URL of the web proxy server into the address bar of your browser. In the proxy search line enter the link to the website you want to visit and press Enter.

You can find the lists of proxy servers, their addresses, ports and other details on such portals as Free Proxy List, ProxyNova and Public Proxy Servers. Many resources are available for free, but they can be slow and completely non-working. We recommend you to buy reliable proxy servers and use the proxy feature in Folx.

How to use a proxy server

Proxy in Folx: why to use?

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The Folx app is a multifunctional downloading tool. It’s a great torrent download manager, excellent search alternative, powerful torrent client and helpful password manager. Folx allows you to organize and manage torrent files the way you like. It easily finds and downloads any content you need as it has access to multiple torrent trackers and their rich collections of media files. It’s highly effective in torrenting and P2P networking. At the same time it’s user friendly and very simple to use.

Folx download manager

The proxy feature in Folx gives you a desired anonymity online and a possibility to download any content from the blocked resources. You don’t need to worry about your safety or to suffer from the thought that you are eavesdropped by the government and different tracking organizations. Folx is your reliable protection on the web and a key to any website that has a lock for you.

To enable the proxy feature in Folx make the steps as follows:

  1. Click here to download free Folx version to your computer.
  2. Install it as an ordinary app for Mac and launch.
  3. Go to the Folx tab and click Preferences.
  4. Find Proxy.
  5. Select one of the following items: HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS.

    a) HTTP proxy works with the HTTP protocol and is necessary for web browsing and downloading files from the Internet. With the HTTP proxy the website you are visiting will identify that the connection is made via proxy, but your IP won’t be known.

    b) HTTPS proxy is a HTTP subtype. It uses a secure SSL protocol in its work. That’s why the data headers get encrypted and the connection becomes anonymous. HTTPS is better to use for commercial purposes. It’s also great for a corporate Internet connection.

    c) SOCKS proxy works good if you need to make mass actions online, e.g. massmail. Such proxies are very convenient because several servers can be put in one chain. They are anonymous by default since they do not create headers for queries that contain important information about your IP address.

    The SOCKS option in Folx Proxy offers you 2 types of protocols: SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. They have some differences. SOCKS5 works without a local DNS server. SOCKS4, unfortunately, can’t do this. SOCKS5 transmits the data by using TCP and UDP which makes it possible not to use some application protocols. SOCKS5 can authenticate the server and the client. It gave a possibility to work via proxy to even those programs that initially were not capable to do that.

    d) As soon as you choose the protocol, fill out the following fields: Server, Port, User and Password. If you have a direct access to some torrent trackers and don’t want to download files from them with proxy, paste their links into the lower field “Don’t use proxy for”. Folx will skip them all.

Using proxy servers allows you to visit any Internet resource even when a direct access to it is blocked in your country or region. There are different types of proxy, such as public proxy servers, HTTP and its subtypes, and SOCKS. If you want a reliable, effective and high quality proxy service that offers you multiple protocols, Folx is all you need.
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