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Vimeo and YouTube

When you think of video hosting websites, the two that instantly come to mind are YouTube and Vimeo. They are the biggest among video platforms and it is not an easy choice to make which one to use for your videos.

Surely YouTube is larger at the moment, but it doesn't make Vimeo any worse, it actually has some great features and an amazing community.

However to really understand which service will suit your needs more you'll need to look more attentively at their advantages and drawbacks.

This post will circle around the business decisions on Vimeo or YouTube usage, but we think it is equally valuable for anyone looking for a platform to upload their videos. Have a look at Vimeo and YouTube features and compare their pros and cons - we are sure you'll find lots of useful tips here.

Also this article is mostly for uploaders, however if you are also looking for Vimeo and YouTube downloader for Mac we recommend Elmedia Player PRO. Primarily it is a super versatile player, however when you upgrade to PRO version it can download from pretty much the whole web, Vimeo and YouTube included of course!

Whether you need a Vimeo downloader for Mac or YouTube downloader for Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Download Elmedia and activate PRO version. You'll need an activation code that you can purchase for a reasonable fee at its official website.
  2. Open the player and switch to the browser mode from the main menu.
  3. Paste a link from YouTube or Vimeo and press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. From the list that appears under the video select the file you want to download and click Download.
  5. Download YouTube or Vimeo videos with Elmedia
  6. If needed you can select the format to save file as (MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV, etc.). Even if it is a video you have the possibility to save it as MP3 by simply choosing this file type from the list.
  7. You'll find downloaded files in Downloads folder, however you can set any location in Preferences.

Vimeo and YouTube Communities

First thing you need to figure out when deciding where you are going to post the video is what audience you are counting on? YouTube and Vimeo have very different types of viewers.

The community of YouTube is overwhelming, with over 1 billion users that view hundreds of millions of hours of content every day! The more people in the community the more different opinions, there is a higher possibility of running into rude and offensive members. Also the larger audience produces more content that is always not meeting quality expectations.

Vimeo has a way smaller community of 170 million viewers. About 42 million of those are in the US. Smaller community results in a generally more positive experience, more supportive and more thoughtful. With a smaller number of people, you may often find higher production rates.

Here's a Vimeo VS YouTube comparison chart for your convenience:


YouTube Vimeo
The world’s most popular video sharing platform (1 billion unique views per month) No ads for viewers (no pre-roll ads)
SEO optimization is built in so your video (listing) can be found online easily Vimeo favors higher quality content (ie. displays what is really great, not necessarily popular)
YouTube is now owned by Google so often gets well ranks in search results Higher quality contributors choose to post there
YouTube accepts full HD videos and the new and trendy 4k and 8k Video player can be customized (logo, colors, thumbnails, etc.)
Interaction with your audience through comments Detailed analytics
You can grow audience with the follow buttons Accepts full HD videos and the new 4k ones
Possibility to add annotations within videos to lead viewers to act
YouTube is FREE (unlimited hosting, bandwidth)
Earn money with their TrueView Advertising program
The immense community can take your video to unexpected heights


YouTube Vimeo
Competitors content and ads can often be displayed near yours Significantly smaller audience results in less visibility
Lots of public content, less control Business usage is always paid (with a minimum of $17 per month)
Lack of customer service Restricted storage based on plans
Lack of proper comment moderation, which can detract from your posted content Google search will favor YouTube results
YouTube is designed to keep people there, so viewers will less likely visit your website
Many businesses block YouTube videos internally

The Verdict:

YouTube seems to be keeping up with updates and various features better than Vimeo and is more public. However Vimeo is a good alternative if you got overwhelmed by YouTube. Or are you already using Vimeo and prefer it over YouTube? Which service is your favorite and why do you use it?
Feel free to comment.

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