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With the help of SyncMate - the top Vivo assistant for Mac - you'll never have to worry about data synchronization on your Mac and mobile device. Everything can be updated in several clicks or even in no clicks at all!

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Vivo suite for Mac
Vivo contacts sync Mac

Vivo assistant Mac app - contacts and calendars

Contacts and calendar events can be synchronized between your Mac and Vivo device for free with our Vivo Mac assistant. SyncMate works straightly with the calendar and contacts apps on both computer and phone with nothing in between, which promises fast and secure process.

Synchronize media files and folders

This Vivo Mac suite can be bought in Expert edition for a reasonable fee in order to use multiple advanced features it offers. With SyncMate Expert one can sync music, photos, playlists, as well as folders containing many files from Vivo to Mac and vice versa. All synchronization is performed through secure channels.

Synchronize Vivo and Mac automatically

Why do so many users choose SyncMate as their Vivo suite for Mac? It's because SyncMate can work quietly in the background whenever you connect your device to Mac without you having to open the app and sync everything manually. Set up your preferences once and enjoy automatic process from now on.

Mount Vivo device as Mac disk

There is no built-in utility on Mac computers to mount Vivo phones as external drives so that one could browse their contents in Finder and manage it quickly. For your convenience we added this sought-after feature to SyncMate - browse and manage your Vivo phone on Mac just as if it was another Mac drive.

Syncing and other options for Vivo phones

Additionally to keeping all data highly organized and up-to-date between your computer and mobile device, there are other extremely convenient options available: you can backup your Vivo phone on your computer, view and export call history to a file, type your texts on computer using its full-sized keyboard.


With all management and syncing possibilities of SyncMate it is the most obvious choice for Mac and Vivo synchronization. You can always get free edition of SyncMate to see what it can do and how efficient it is.

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