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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This technology is used for secure data transfer through a private network extended over a public network. There are several components making a VPN possible: servers, protocols, and encryption. With all these components in place one can ensure their data's integrity and security are taken care of.

Why choose VPN

You can stay completely free and anonymous worldwide with a high-quality Mac VPN client, like Cargo VPN.

Data protection

VPN services offer an efficient way of connecting to Internet safely by creating a private network tunnel through the web right to its secure servers. All data transferred through this tunnel is encrypted and kept safe from interception.

Cargo VPN uses the top level AES-256 encryption, which easily makes it the best Mac VPN, because there is nothing more important than the safety of your data and your privacy.

Online privacy

One of the main goals of any VPN service, especially of the best VPN for Mac, is to offer you a reliable online privacy. This is achieved through hiding your IP address and your actual location. A VPN service provides you with a virtual IP address that is located where you want it to be.

Censorship and restrictions

When you setup VPN on Mac you can stop worrying about blocked websites or streaming services. No matter what country you are currently travelling to you can connect through your VPN client for Mac and connect to the world. Simply select a VPN server in the country where you will be accessing the content (where it is not blocked).

Why choose VPN

Best VPN Mac usage examples

Protect your wireless connection

If you are frequently using WiFi connection in a public space like coffee shop or airport, usage of Mac VPN software will ensure your sensitive data will not be hacked and used by some intruders. VPN will protect such data as credit card information, passwords, private messages, etc.

Stay safe from snoopers intrusions

Using a VPN service protects you from being constantly tracked by governmental agencies, advertising companies, and just plain mean people.

Enjoy safe shopping and get good deals

Have you ever noticed that in different countries shoppers get different prices on the same services or goods? Depending on your location you may be charged a very different price for the same airplane ticket or hotel room. With the help of macOS server VPN you can switch between countries and continents in an instant and get the best pricing for the service or item you are shopping for.

Gaming is faster with VPN Mac

When you are in the middle of a dynamic online game, there is nothing more important than a consistent and clear connection. A gaming VPN like Cargo VPN app offers a Personal Server that ensures you have a designated channel and don't have to share bandwidth with hundreds of other users.

Another good thing about using a VPN is that you can play even those games that are not yet available for your area. Either the game hasn't been launched in your country yet, or won't be released for it at all - you won't have to care about it.

Access your favorite videos from any country

If you are travelling frequently and cannot watch your favorite YouTube channels simply because they are not available for your current region, it can be rather frustrating. Use a high-quality VPN Mac app or VPN for iOS to get the access to your favorite resources, including YouTube videos, social networks, or sports channels.

Cargo VPN offers Personal IP option - an IP address that is clean and unique and helps you keep your real IP address, email, mailing address protected from unwanted intruders. Surf Internet wisely and enjoy it without any security issues with Cargo VPN. This software is offered as VPN for Mac, VPN for iPhone, and VPN for iPad.

Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for Mac OS 10.10+ , 8.8MB size
Version 1.2 (21st Aug, 2017) Release notes
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Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for iOS 9.0+ , 63.9MB size
Version 1.0 (14th Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication
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