Why it is necessary to encrypt your whole data

How to encrypt files, how to protect my computer, how to encrypt email as well as cloud security and questions about private Internet access are the burning issues in the modern world and with each day we hear more and more cases about data breach and scandals around security of the data.

Data protection screen

Do you remember that one day someone said such words as “The one who owns the information, owns the world”? Nowadays, this statement can be considered as one hundred percent true, especially if to think that any leakage of information leads to huge problems. However, one can say that an honest person has nothing to hide when new publication on the topic of data security appears. Well, do not be so naive, as there is no such thing as safe mail corresponding as well as safe data transfer in the modern digital world. Usually, the phrase "I have nothing to hide" is said by the users who think that no one will bother to get into their data because who can be interested in their stuff? Well, reality hurts and practice shows that this is not so.

According to the statistic, the number of computer crimes increases every year. Why does it happen and what are the reasons? Let’s try to figure this out. In most cases, any leakage of information can happen because of wrong access to someone else's computer thus allowing a hacker to obtain confidential information.

Reasons for data breach and why should you use encryption software

Insider trading

In a simple language, insider trading means industrial espionage. The role of a spy can be played, as a rule, by a rather reliable employee, in other words, a person you would never think of. So, while you went out for a coffee break, lunch or simply went out for an important meeting, this employee has a perfect opportunity to steal your confidential information. If you think that such things can happen in American action films only, unfortunately, in the real life you can find a lot of such examples as well. Having obtained physical access to your computer, the scammer can easily get an access to your data. With drive encryption you can prevent important information leakage, so take care of your data if you do not want it to be in bad hands and don't forget to lock your computer when leaving.

Withdrawal of computer equipment authorized by unscheduled inspection

First of all, the fact of liquidation of computer equipment during the audit itself is rather alarming. Secondly, it is more likely, that this unscheduled inspection with withdrawal of equipment was ordered by some of the competitors. So, all the thoughts and hopes that sensitive information from work will be known by employees only, may be all for nothing. Because while having physical access to your computer, the person gets the opportunity to download information without the presence of your lawyer and you. In order to prevent it from happening, you need to encrypt your whole data securely with the help of a decent file encryption software.

Data storage item or computer equipment loss or theft

In fact, it is not the computer equipment or a data storage item that are stolen, but the information stored there. Even if you do not mention secrets of the state scale or commercial secrets in the emails, documents etc., the fact that it can become public is not pleasant enough. As a rule, people discuss their own fears and problems in messengers, gossip, scold others and if hackers manage to get and publish such data, it can be a serious blow to the reputation of a person. So it is foolish to believe that a person who stole those things will not notice such an information or will just simply ignore it. The consequences of when the information falls into the “right hands” are obvious. However, it is almost impossible to get data that is securely encrypted on the disk thanks to file encryption software.

Of course, one can say that they store all the information on the cloud and why do they need to encrypt data? There is an obvious answer to this question, as cloud storage, unfortunately, is susceptible to hacking. Moreover, sometimes hackers are not only the people who steal the information and it is also could be done by the administrators of the clouds. So as you see cloud security issues should not be left untouched. Of course, you can pack all your personal information into the archive with a password and upload it to the cloud. But as we all know, the password is easy to pick up, but the encryption hash key is not simply to crack.

CloudMounter interface screen

For these purposes, we can recommend you to use CloudMounter. The software is presented by Eltima Software and is a cloud manager that works with your cloud accounts. Mount easily your OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox storages. Thanks to CloudMounter you can manage these storages without having to sync or copy your online files to your hard drive. The app uses Advanced Encryption Standard-256 to protect your online data allowing only people who know the password access all the protected information. So if something like the mentioning above scenario happened to you, do not be afraid that your secrets will be revealed. Besides that, you can tune the whole drive encryption as well as encrypt certain directory only. While using CloudMounter you can stop worrying about your data security, as well as cloud security issues.

As you understood, the main purpose of data encryption is to restrict access to third parties. In addition, encryption prevents the theft of data by virus applications and trojans, that is why it is important to encrypt files on Windows computers and other devices.

CloudMounter for Windows

Requirements: Win 7 SP1 , 14.27MB free space
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