What’s the difference between site and MAS Elmedia Player versions?

As of now we have the following versions available:

All App Store versions have stripped-down functionality due to the App Store restrictions. Particularly, they do not:

  • download videos from YouTube;
  • play SWF files;
  • convert Projector EXE files into the SWF format.

Here is a rundown of the features available in different Elmedia Player versions:

Feature Versions
Available through our website Available through the Mac App Store
Elmedia Player Elmedia Elmedia Player GO Elmedia Video Player
Free PRO Free PRO
Download from YouTube +
Convert Projector EXE files into the SWF format +
Browse the Internet from the app window using a built-in web browser + +
Take screenshots or convert videos into series of images* + + + +
Audio equalizer with presets + + + +
A-B loop + + + +
Image transformation (rotate, flip, mirror) + + + +
Video enhancement and deinterlacing settings + + + +
Adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. + + + +
Save videos, including RTMP streams, from the web +
Control playback with Mac’s standard media keys +
Support for the Apple Remote +

*due to copyright issues it is not possible to take screenshots in the App Store versions of Elmedia Player during the playback of DVD-discs or VOB files

If you’ve already purchased Elmedia Player from the App Store but it doesn’t have all the features you need, you can get a 50% discount on Elmedia Player PRO from our website by contacting us at support@eltima.com.