“Elmedia Player is not optimized for your Mac” message in macOS 10.13.4

The macOS 10.13.4 is released. After you relaunch Elmedia Player the system will show you the following message: “Elmedia Player is not optimized for your Mac. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility”.


You can use Elmedia Player as you usually do because its functionality won’t change. This alert is caused by the launch of any 32-bit apps starting from 10.13.4 release which may no longer be supported by Apple in the future. Apple will only focus on 64-bit software. The notification will appear only once. If it causes you inconvenience, you can get free Elmedia Video Player from App Store which is a 64-bit app.

Eltima team is working on the new Elmedia version. It will be a 64-bit app, which will become available before the official release of macOS 10.14.