Efficiency Rise — FAQ

Q. I can’t find and add computers to my office. What should I do?

A. Enter IP or a computer name manually to the text field.
Read here in detail: /wiki/user-guides/eff-rise/manager-module/office.html
Q. Why cannot I receive reports from a computer?

A. The required computer might be offline. Look at its status in “My Office” list. Once it is online, repeat the query. Or, an employee can forbid gathering reports.

Q. Can I forbid some applications or URLs in Efficiency Rise Employee Module through Manager Module?

A. No, Efficiency Rise cannot forbid any program to launch. Efficiency Rise Manager Module is for checking employee’s statistics only.
You can add certain applications to forbidden list. After that, check Global Efficiency to see how much time (in percent) it took an employee to work in forbidden applications. Note that 100% consists of allowed and forbidden applications plus inactive and offline time. For example:
With Global Efficiency you can also see how much time an employee spends working in forbidden applications (see “Duration” column).
Chronological Efficiency will show you the exact time an application was launched. In comparison with Global, Chronological Efficiency shows not the percentage, but the total time an employee spent working in a forbidden application (for example, 3 hours during a day).
Thus, Efficiency Rise helps you understand how much time employees spend working in certain applications and how it influences their efficiency.

Q. Why should I map a profile?

A. By default, activity efficiency is calculated basing on the default profile (working hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM; 1 hour of inactive time; etc.). But one can create as many profiles as one wants. It is needed when you have alternative working day settings or alternative forbidden/allowed applications lists, for example. In order to estimate efficiency basing on a custom profile, this profile should be mapped. So, switching profiles helps see adequate statistics in case one has different settings in several profiles.

Q. Can I receive reports from employees through the Internet when I am at home?

A. Yes, if you have the Internet connection and Efficiency Rise (Manager Module) at home, you can get reports from your employees. Your employees should have constant IP addresses or PC names.

Q. Can I establish working day settings for a separate day?

A. No, working hours and inactivity time are set for all working days. You cannot configure a separate working day.

Q. What is inactive time? How does it work?

A. This is the time when a PC user is away from his/her keyboard (more than 3 minutes). Those 3 minutes will be included into inactive time statistics. Every employee has one (1) basic hour of inactive time during a working day. You can indicate alternative inactive time if you have custom working day settings.

Q. How to inform developers if I find any problem?

A. Contact our support team via email: support@eltima.com