Manage Playback Controls

Showing and hiding controls

Elmedia Player lets you configure the visibility of playback controls according to your preferences. There are three states possible:


  • Show Controls – on, Autohide Controls – off: keep the player controls visible at all times;
  • Show Controls – off, Autohide Controls – off: keep the controls always hidden;
  • Autohide Controls – on: show the controls only when you hover over the video.
Note: The autohide option is not applicable to playback of audio and SWF files.

Managing bookmarks

With bookmarks you can create shortcuts to your favorite parts of a video and easily skip back to them later.


To bookmark a position in a video, go to the Playback menu and select Bookmarks → Bookmark Current Position. From there you can also quickly navigate through your bookmarks by selecting them in the list.

If the Auto-Delete Next Time Selected option is checked, your respective bookmarks will be deleted as soon as selected. To clear your bookmarks list, click Remove All Bookmarks.

Navigating through chapters in MKV files

MKV files may be divided into chapters, which are just sections of the file designed for quick navigation through the video, much like the chapters in a book.

If your MKV file has chapters, you will see them listed under the Playback menu: