Elmedia Player for Mac Plugins

For correct playback of your movies certain plugins should be installed and up-to-date. Each plugin is used for particular type of files playback. If some plugin is absent or obsolete, some files may not play.

You may need the following plugins to be installed on your Mac:

You can download or update plugins, required for correct files playback, in “Plugins” tab of Elmedia Player Preferences.

If a certain plugin is not installed on your Mac or is not up-to-date, you will get a message about it:


Click “Update Plugins” button. “Plugins” tab of Elmedia Player Preferences will be opened where you will be able to install/upgrade plugins, required for correct files playback.

If Real Media plugin is not installed on your Mac, you will get the following message:
Click “Install” button to install Real Media plugin. After Real Media plugin installation, please, restart Elmedia Player.

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