USB Network Gate for Android OS

For rooted devices only!
Tip: You can use tools, like SuperSU, for managing superuser access rights for applications on your Android device that requires root access.

1. Get USB Network Gate using the Play Store app
1.1 On your device, open the Google Play Store app.
1.2 Select an app you want to download:
1.3 Tap Install.
1.4 Tap Accept after reviewing the app’s permissions.

Or download USB Network Gate to your Android device using your computer:
1.1.1 Go to Google Play on your computer.
1.1.2 Find USB Network Gate.
1.1.3 Click Install.
1.1.4 Review the app’s permissions, choose your device from the drop-down menu, and click Install.

2. Installation and first launch
USB Network Gate will automatically install itself and place a shortcut icon on your home screen. If one doesn’t appear, simply find it in your Apps menu.

3. Grant root privileges
For its correct work, USB Network Gate requires root privileges. SuperUser will figure out that USB Network Gate is asking for root privileges and you will see the following request:


Tap Grant to continue.

4. Share USB devices

4.1 Connect a USB device to your Android device.


4.2 To share a USB device, just tap Share Device. That’s it!


4.3 To stop sharing the device, tap Unshare Device:


5. Uninstallation:
5.1 To uninstall USB Network Gate from your Android device, first of all, go to USB Network Gate options and tap Uninstall sharing daemon:


5.2 After that, follow the standard uninstallation instructions for Android devices:

Installation of the free OEM Evaluation Kit

You can download and try the free OEM Evaluation Kit for USB Network Gate for Android OS. It is a fully-functional 14-days limited trial version. You can share only 1 local USB device with this trial version.

With the free OEM Evaluation Kit you can try integrating USB Network Gate technology into your software/hardware project. To get the fully-functional OEM license and to know the terms and conditions, contact our Sales DPT:

To install the free OEM Evaluation Kit on your Android device, do the following:

1. Download the free OEM Evaluation Kit from our webpage:

2. Unpack the archive eveusb-dev_<version>.android.tgz

You can examine the sample codes which can be found under the following path: opt/Eltima/eveusb/redistr/eveusb_java.tar.bz2

3. If you use IDE for development, like Eclipse or some other, add eveusb.jar to your project. It can be found here:

Write Java application using API from eveusb.jar.
Prior to testing your application on Android device, install the OEM version of USB Network Gate on it.
It can be found here: opt/Eltima/eveusb/redistr/eveusb-oem_<version>.android.tgz

4. If you need the client part of USB Network Gate for Android, you have to compile and install the kernel module on your Android device.
The module.tar.bz2 package with the kernel module sources is provided at the daemon installation.
It will be installed into /data/opt/Eltima/eveusb/redistr catalog.

Integrate the kernel module sources into the kernel sources of your Android device.
Refer to patch/README file in the module.tar.bz2 package for the instructions.

Then compile the kernel and install it on your Android device.