Xiaomi transfer for Mac is here!

Researching the ways to keep data up-to-date between your Mac and Xiaomi? There is a reliable solution to do it in an effortless manner. There won't be any downloading of the same music on your Mac and Xiaomi or adding new contacts and calendar events manually anymore!

With the help of SyncMate so many Xiaomi transfer with Mac tasks can be done automatically, you won't even have to move a finger to get all your important data updated on both sides.

Is this something you've been looking for all along? Keep on scrolling down (and reading of course!) about all transfer possibilities SyncMate offers for your Xiaomi and Mac.

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Xiaomi transfer Mac
Xiaomi transfer Mac

About SyncMate

We are absolutely positive that SyncMate is a highly suitable Xiaomi transfer Mac solution for whatever transfer tasks you may have for your contacts, calendars, music, photos videos, folders. SyncMate is probably even better than a personal assistant - it is never emotional and isn't afraid of a boring job. Thousands of contacts? Not a problem!

Android file transfer alternative

With the help of SyncMate's extraordinary possibilities, you can mount your Xiaomi device on your Mac and manage its content as if it was another external drive connected to computer. You can copy, move, or delete files directly in your Finder app.

Finder features for your Xiaomi

Once your Xiaomi is mapped to Mac, you can benefit from all Finder possibilities that are rather handy - copy files to multiple folders or transfer several folders at the same moment, archive a few files together, and more.

Xiaomi contacts and calendars transfer with Mac

Adding new appointments and other important events as well as every new contact can be quite annoying on each computer, phone, or tablet you use. With our Mac and Xiaomi transfer software you can add them only once on a computer or a phone, and once added - SyncMate will transfer all important data on your other synced devices so you have all you need at hand at all times.

Let the music flow

Say, you have an excellent playlist you've compiled in Music on your Mac, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to listen to it on your Xiaomi as well? To allow you enjoy your favorite music on the go, SyncMate will transfer your tracks between Mac and Xiaomi whenever you need it.

Manage photos and videos

SyncMate is an optimal tool for transferring images and videos between Xiaomi and Mac. You can also use SyncMate's conversion options for transferred media files: set resolution for images and videos, and convert videos to various formats, choosing codec, bitrate, and frame rate.

Send and manage texts on your Mac

SyncMate doesn't just sync and transfer, it also offers convenient non-sync options, one of which is SMS management - use your QWERTY Mac keyboard to compose, send, view, or delete your text messages. You can also export SMS messages into other formats for easy keeping.

Sync entire folders

SyncMate can handle a one file transfer between Mac and Xiaomi just as effortlessly as it will handle many folders with various files in them. We also can recommend creating one dedicated folder and setting it up for autosync, so that you can just save any file in there that you wish to be transferred between computer and mobile devices - and SyncMate will handle it from there.

Direct communication with your favorite apps

SyncMate doesn't use any third-party apps for your Mac and Xiaomi transfer - it works directly with the Apple and Android apps on all synced devices and delivers content to where it should be in a safe and fast manner.

The cherry on the cake

Are there transfer options that you use every day for your Mac and Xiaomi device? Set them up for automatic synchronization whenever your device is connected and you won't have to worry about any data left behind anymore!


Still not sure whether you need a Xiaomi transfer Mac app or you can do it all yourself? Just download free SyncMate from this page and decide for yourself!

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