Get the Best Xvid Codec for Mac Alternative

Olga Weis

This popular video codec is an efficient solution if you need to transmit your movies over the network faster or save your system disk space, storing video files. Full-length DVD movies, compressed with the Xvid codec Mac to MPEG-4 ASP, combine both small size and high visual quality, and thus can be easily placed on a regular CD.

If you cannot open XviD movies, there’s a good chance you’ll need to install the Xvid video codec Maс. What is left unsaid is that, despite its high popularity, installing the Xvid codec pack Mac can be rather disadvantageous. Let's find out why.

There are some cons using Xvid codec pack:

  • Xvid codec pack can conflict with other programs on your computer, being a hotbed for adware or spyware.
  • Installing too many programs, you may overload the system and thus slow down Xvid files playback.
  • Among hundreds of codecs available on the Internet, you’ll need to choose particular combinations to support your files.
  • Additional codecs that you get along with the required ones in the Xvid codec pack, occupy much space on your hard drive, being hardly ever used.

Xvid Codec and Best Xvid Player for Mac

Elmedia Player

If you don't want to install any additional codecs or use converters, you can try Elmedia Player, a free Xvid player that provides full video compatibility with all popular file formats without the need to download any add-on codec packs.

Offering a wide range of exclusive features, the software allows you to load subtitle files automatically and manually, set sound tracks, and many more. This Xvid player enables you to choose any desired aspect ratio for your video. Elmedia Player lets you enjoy a smooth Xvid video experience without any bugs.

Elmedia Player is also offered in PRO version that you can get for more advanced possibilities. With Elmedia Player PRO you can take snapshots, stream media content, adjust video and audio playback settings etc.

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Elmedia Player for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 36.64MB free space
Version 6.9(1118) (14th Nov, 2017) Release notes