How to Download YouPorn on Mac: YouPorn Downloader Mac

Olga Weis

Get Youporn Downloader is a streaming site with adult content. Videos and images hosted there are not suitable for young audience and minors are prohibited to enter this resource. The website allows free streaming of uncensored sex videos from multiple providers and websites. One can filter the content by:

  • Gender.
  • Types of sex.
  • Number of participants: solo, couples, trio, or group.
  • Age.
  • Setting: outdoor, indoor, etc.

There are also chats available. One can participate in a public or a private chat with their porn workers, which is a paid service.

For those who for some personal reason are seeking the ways to download from YouPorn on their Mac, Elmedia Player PRO is a good solution. This is a popular player that, when upgraded to PRO version, can download pretty much any video from any website of your choice, which makes it a perfect choice for this article.

Perform these simple steps for YouPorn video download on Mac:

  • Get yourself a free copy of Elmedia Player and install it on your computer. Then open Elmedia Player app.
  • Upgrade the application to its PRO version.
  • Open the YouPorn website in your browser and copy the link to any video you'd like to get.
  • In the player switch to the browser mode and paste the link there.
  • Switch to the "Video" filter so that only videos available for download are shown.
  • Click the "Download" button and Elmedia Player PRO will start saving the files you selected.

Elmedia Player is a fast and reliable application that is primarily a free player for virtually any video or audio file you may have. However it is also quite useful as a downloader for your favorite content. Elmedia Player offers an exquisite HD experience eliminating any possible slowdowns or interruptions.

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 36.74MB free space
Version 6.12(1435) (3rd Oct, 2018) Release notes
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