Elmedia is the Best YouTube Video Player for Mac

If you love watching videos and listening to music on YouTube then you no doubt hate those moments in the video where an ad plays and ruins everything. It’s impossible to get stuck into a video when an ad could play at any moment.

Do you want to get rid of those ads on YouTube without having to pay for the YouTube RED service? Here are some YouTube player for Mac solutions that can help.

If you want to watch YouTube videos without ads then all you need to get the job done is Elmedia Player. Do you know about this great YouTube video player on Mac? Elmedia is a completely free YouTube and media player for Mac that lets you watch online music and videos, including those hosted on YouTube.

The first thing to do is download the best YouTube video player of 2017 from the Elmedia official website and then install it on your computer. Then open up YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to watch.

Now you need to open up the Elmedia app and access the Open Online Video option. This option allows you to quickly and easily play videos, including videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, using a specific URL without having to open any browser windows.

  1. Choose File > Open Online Video in the main menu.
  2. Elmedia Player
  3. Paste the URL of the video and adjust the resolution you want to watch the video at if necessary.
  4. Click Open and start playback.

Now you’re ready and able to watch YouTube videos online as if you were using YouTube RED.

If you’re looking to watch YouTube videos offline then you have the option to use Elmedia as a YouTube video player and download for Mac. This is a feature found in the PRO version. Elmedia Video Player Pro allows you to download YouTube videos as well as entire YouTube playlists and channels.

Elmedia Download

Here’s how to download YouTube videos with Elmedia:

  1. Click on Window > Browser from the main menu to open up browser mode.
  2. Enter the URL of the video and press Enter.
  3. Choose the file that you want to download and then click on the Download button. You also have the option of changing the download format.
  4. If you want to only download the sound and not the whole video then open the Audio tab and choose which audio format you want.

Files are saved in the Downloads folder of your copter by default, but you can change this at any time through the General tab in the Preferences menu.

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
Version 7.8(1897) (15th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication
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