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Top torrent caching site alternatives for Mac

Sometimes there is just no way to download with P2P connection, because a lot of times the administrations of networks are blocking torrent traffic, for example in colleges or offices. One of the easiest solutions to this issue is caching torrents online and then downloading the content with a download manager via HTTP.


ZbigZ is a big torrent leeching website based on a cloud network that lets you download torrents in a slightly different way than torrent clients do. There are two ways to download torrents through this website: through magnet links and through the .torrent file upload. ZbigZ restricts the size of downloads and the speed for free users, but if you pay for a premium account you can enjoy the full speed and any size of downloads.

Sounds like a perfect solution, however there are some difficulties with ZbigZ usage:

  • The download speed is way slower than what regular torrent client apps offer.
  • The users with free membership can only download up to 2 torrents simultaneously.
  • With a free account on ZbigZ, your torrent files will only stay there for 7 days.
  • Storage capacity is lower than the paid account.
  • Ad supported.
  • You should be very active on the website to have your torrents cached.
  • In case connection is interrupted there is no way to resume the download.

So it is only logical to start looking for a good zbigz alternative free app for Mac. One of the highly recommended zbigz alternatives for Mac is Folx - a reliable torrent app that can download torrent content in a highly efficient manner and also lets you create new torrents and share them with others. If also supports magnet links and downloads via them for free. Magnet links allow you not to explicitly announce P2P technology usage.


There is also PRO version of Folx available for a reasonable fee that adds multiple benefits to torrent features of free version. Folx PRO allows you to:

  • search for torrents through many trackers simultaneously without leaving Folx. Some of the torrent trackers Folx will search through are:,,,,,
  • download with the most suitable speed. You can either adjust speed manually, or let Folx adjust it according to current Internet usage by other apps.
  • schedule your downloads according to your convenience and control the Folx behavior once the downloading was completed: quit the app, shut down the system, or switch to sleep mode.
  • save login information for the websites you download from the most. Folx also supports websites with web authentication and FTP websites. Free Folx will save up to two entries.
  • Send downloaded music & videos to Music (former iTunes) playlists automatically according to the assigned tags.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.09MB free space
Version 5.14.13922 (29th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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