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There are so many music websites with great music to listen to. Listening to online content is great, because there is a variety of music styles and artists that you can never get bored at. But there are times you get disconnected from the Internet, which is not bad at all - some Internet detox is much needed at times, but we've never heard of music detox yet.

Here we'll talk about the apps you can use to download MP3 files for a Mac. We'll cover several top MP3 music downloader apps in our article that are somewhat different, but have one thing in common - they do a great job of online music downloading.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 24.24MB free space. Version 1.5.257. (16th Dec, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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It is always great to have your own offline music library on Mac. And to collect this library you should get the most effective .mp3 downloader app first. VideoDuke is the solution that every Mac user definitely should have.

Music downloader for mac

There is no need to do extra work anymore - first download music video and only then convert it to .mp3. With VideoDuke you can extract audio from video easily without any time-consuming additional steps. Just enter the URL to a music video, wait till Simple mode window is opened, then choose .mp3 in the drop-down menu and start downloading. With VideoDuke you will also get quick access to such popular websites as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Open VideoDuke, click one of the mentioned resources, switch to Audio tab and save your favorite .mp3 on Mac in less than a minute.

Are you one of those real music fans who visit great amount of music websites but sometimes cannot decide what to download first? VideoDuke has one great option for you - bookmark all pages that look interesting and download .mp3 on Mac anytime you want.

2. Elmedia Player PRO

Best music manager and downloader

A versatile application that serves as a free media player and a supreme video and MP3 music downloader app in its PRO version. Elmedia supports pretty much any website hosting music and videos you can think of and it can download content that is embedded via HTML5 or streamed via RTMP.

Whether you are using Elmedia Player PRO to download great videos or to download MP3 files for a Mac, you'll surely be happy to discover all of its advanced characteristics like the built-in web browser that can be used for searching for new media without having to leave the player, or the Open URL option for watching online YouTube videos but without the ads they are so often stuffed with.

3. Airy

MP3 music download software

Airy is a compact and straightforward MP3 downloader for Mac for those times you want music from YouTube. Airy only supports downloading content from YouTube, but does it really well. There are no ads or secret installations forced on you when you are installing Airy and you can integrate it with your browser for faster downloading process. The app downloads MP3, and additionally to it FLV, MP4 and 3GP with a desired resolution. Add as many links to Airy as needed and download multiple MP3 tracks from YouTube at once.

4. YTD Video Downloader for Mac

Video and music downloader

YTD Video Downloader for Mac supports YouTube, Facebook and other music websites and you can download your favorite music from their. Both videos and audio files can be downloaded in a batch.

YTD is pretty easy to navigate and offers quick download process. To convert various videos you find on the Internet to have great soundtracks you just need to enter the link into the app and start the download. Unfortunately this app will not always download every video without an obvious reason. YTD also needs some customization before you start using it.

5. 4K Video Downloader

Mp3 music downloader for mac

4K Video Downloader is a multi-platform app for downloading video and audio files from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook. Additionally to being able to download MP3 music on Mac it supports MP4, MKV, OGG Theora, M4A. A little drawback is that 4K Video Downloader cannot work in sync with your web browser - you'll need to manually copy and paste the link into the software. As an option, 4K Downloader can automatically add downloaded videos and music to your iTunes library, so you can easily sync your videos and music to your iPhone or iPad.

6. iMusic

Downloader for YouTube

A complete MP3 music downloader for Mac, iMusic delivers exceptional performances when it comes to downloading and managing music. You can use it to easily transfer music between your iPhone, iPod or iPad along with other Android devices and it is compatible with all the known media streaming websites. You can choose the quality and format before downloading for a complete experience.

7. Media Drug

Music downloader for mac

You know how they say that music can be a drug? That’s exactly what the people at Media Drug thought when they designed this MP3 downloader. Not only that it allows you to download MP3 songs on Mac, but you can also use it to play music and enjoy all your favorite songs when offline. Enjoy your daily dose of upbeat music and kickstart any activity with Media Drug.

8. Jaksta

Best music manager and downloader

Jaksta is a MP3 music downloader for Mac that delivers similar services to the ones we already listed here. There is a full suite of software developed by Jaksta that can make your audio-visual experience a lot better by allowing you to play your favorite tracks and videos even when not connected to the internet. Perhaps the only downside of Jaksta is its interface that could use a bit more color.

9. Grappler

MP3 music download software

Named after a classic MMA and wrestling move, Grappler paints quite a picture when it comes to holding on to something that is online to bring it on your computer. It downloads and converts MP3 and many other formats from YouTube and multiple other streaming websites. You can download music on Mac with Grappler and then sync it with your Ipod or Ipad for a complete music library.

10. ClipGrab

Video and music downloader

Even though the name of ClipGrab makes you think of video content, you can use it to download MP3 songs on Mac as well. ClipGrab works just as well on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and multiple other websites where video and audio content is available. Choose the quality of the final file and the format and play all your favorite tracks.

Criteria to Consider when Rating an MP3 Downloader

You may be wondering why certain software made the list of TOP 10 downloaders and others did not find their spot. Well, the reason is very simple. Any other downloader that doesn’t appear on the list failed to meet one or more of the criteria we applied to select them. Such aspects where among the main attributes we looked for when deciding on the best MP3 music downloader for Mac:

  • Formats diversity
  • Ad-free experience
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Full HD Quality

Top 10 Hits of 2018

We all know that music is always evolving and there are countless trends and currents that usually manage to dominate the entire industry. Listeners are known to enjoy much more than one genre and that’s why the best 10 music hits of 2018 range from hip-hop, EDM or pop. Here are the tracks that dominated our playlists in 2018.



It doesn’t matter if you are into hard rock, country, reggae or techno. Being able to always listen to the music you love is extremely important and with the right track, your entire mood can change dramatically. For those unpleasant moments when Internet simply won’t work, make sure you always have all the best hits with you by downloading MP3 songs on Mac using some of the best music downloaders.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 24.24MB free space
Version 1.5.257 (16th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication
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