How to access remote Serial port over Ethernet

How to access remote COM port device over network? Serial port to network solutions

More and more modern computing devices are now equipped with USB ports. But USB standards, although fast, still have certain disadvantages; that is why many technologies make use of serial ports. COM port devices can be used remotely, i.e. one can work with these devices even if they are not in physical proximity. Or let us take a use-case of an app that needs to receive data from a serial port on a remote computer.

In such situations you need Serial to Ethernet Connector, a simple yet efficient software solution that enables serial port remote access.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

How to access serial over network just using software?

Let us consider a few most common use cases when you need remote serial access over LAN or any other network:

  1. Say, you have a serial device connected to a local computer and you need to work with it from another computer in the network. How do you access remote serial ports from numerous machines? Download and install Serial Ethernet Connector on each of computers, this will make your serial device available to others, they can access serial over Ethernet, the Internet, etc. Using a remote serial device over network is no different from using the same device when it is inserted in your local machine.
  2. Serial to Ethernet Connector
  3. It is not only about sharing your local machine’s serial port. In case you need to access COM over network from a remote machine, Serial to Ethernet Connector helps you solve this problem too. You need to install the software on the local computer (server) and on a PC that has an application that needs to communicate to the serial port. The remote computer will display a virtual serial connection that enables the app to talk to the port.
  4. If client apps installed on several computers in your network require a null modem (serial) connection to work, you need to setup one. Serial to Ethernet Connector creates virtual COM ports on both machines and connects them via LAN/Ethernet even if there is no real hardware serial device/ port. Your apps will recognize a real null-modem connection and make use of it according to the algorithm set.

The app is available for Windows and Linux, and it is up to you to decide which OS is to be set as a client or server. Broadcasting over UDP is possible too. Note that current Linux version is a command-line product.

Hardware solution to access remote COM device over the network

In situations where a direct serial connection to a server or PC is not appropriate or available, our partners at NetBurner offer a wide range of small Serial-to-Ethernet devices that can directly and securely network-enable your serial devices. For example, this could arise when multiple devices are distributed across a large area, as is often the case with remote sensors, electronic signs, device monitoring, etc. In this setup, the client (remote) PC would run the Serial to Ethernet Connector application and create a virtual bridge directly to the NetBurner Serial-to-Ethernet device. Additionally, you could create a serial tunnel with two Serial-to-Ethernet devices, such that each serial device thinks it is talking directly to the other.

A specialized hardware, serial-to-ethernet converter, will be of use to those who want to remotely access serial over Ethernet.

With the help of the converter, computers can exchange data with multiple remote serial devices over the network at a time. The hardware makes it possible to connect to serial ports embedded in networking equipment such as routers, switches, servers, etc., providing serial port remote access.

NetBurner hardware serial to Ethernet Connector

Serial-to-ethernet converter, serving as a replacement for cables, is capable of connecting signage equipment to serial-to-ethernet adapters over Ethernet. In addition, it can be a good alternative to existing serial dial-up modem connections.

All you need to do is connect the hardware to both a serial port device and Ethernet. Now, the device is available for remote access from any network computer. Serial-Ethernet converter will be a good solution for sharing COM port equipment among client computers located in the same room or building, or even world-wide.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

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