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Who we are

About us

Electronic Team, Inc. started its professional journey more than two decades ago with a breakthrough idea to deliver easy-to-use yet powerful software applications for serial port virtualization and remote access.

A dedicated team of young enthusiasts succeeded in developing a game-changing technology to communicate securely with remote USB and serial port devices of any type.

Our company

Initially known as Eltima, the company quickly became a global provider of top-notch applications for network communications.

Today the company is represented by the team of 70 fellow creative thinkers, working toward their common goals as Electronic Team, Inc., offering an array of high-end solutions that allow USB and serial port redirection to remote desktops, cloud infrastructures, virtual environments, and multi-user systems.

Contact Us

You can count on Electronic Team, Inc. to provide product support, software endorsements, and white labeling. Helping you, whether business or purchase-related, is our number one goal!
Electronic Team, Inc
1800 Diagonal Road, Ste 600
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA