Move data between Mac and Android with our Android file transfer app

Let us guess what you are looking for.
A reliable and fast tool that will not only show Android content on Mac, transfer files between Android and Mac folders, but also sync data between devices’ native apps directly - Contacts to Address book, iCal to Calendar, Photos to Gallery, iTunes to Music and vice versa.
And what’s important, all of these options must be combined in one app.

That’s impossible you think? Not for our solution though.
Welcome SyncMate - an app that combines all mentioned above options and a little bit more.

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About SyncMate

A couple of words about SyncMate

In brief - SyncMate is the best app you can think of for syncing or transferring data between Mac and Android. To say even more - SyncMate is very good at what it does and aim at nothing less than perfection.

Android file transfer replacement

SyncMate lets you mount Android device as a Mac drive and manage it from the convenience of Finder app - copy or delete files from Android directly on Mac with a single click of a keyboard or mouse.

Wait a minute, isn’t that a perfect solution?

Use the Finder features on your Android

All great features Finder offers are available for your mounted Android device: copy files in bulk, move many folders at a time, archive multiple items, and more.

Contacts and Calendars synchronization

It can be quite time consuming and overall frustrating to keep contacts and calendar events up-to-date manually on your Mac and Android. Let your fingers rest and have some time for other important stuff by letting SyncMate sync contacts and calendars on your Mac and Android phone.

Let the music inspire you

If you have a specific iTunes playlist that you favor the most, go ahead and sync it to your Android devices as well. Thanks to SyncMate you can enjoy your most favorite tracks on the go. Singing and dancing is encouraged!

Manage photos and videos

SyncMate is also happy to take care of your photos and videos. And it isn't just syncing them between Mac computer and Android devices, it can also save images in various resolutions and convert videos into different formats with the possibility to choose codec, resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.

Text from your Mac

Texting is one of the best ways to communicate with one another, however it can get a bit hard when you need to type a larger text on your phone keyboard. That's where SyncMate makes your life easier! With the help of this app you can text away using your full-size Mac keyboard as well as read, create, send, and export Android texts on Mac with ease.

Sync folders with their contents at once

No need to sync each file separately - just take the whole folder with all the files it has and SyncMate will keep it updated between your computer and device.

Integrate SyncMate with your favorite apps

SyncMate works directly with Address Book and Contacts apps as well as with iTunes and Music without any intermediaries involved in the process. This promises smooth, accurate and safe synchronization of your favorite content.

Delegate all work to SyncMate

You'll just need to set the preferences once and from then on SyncMate will take care of syncing in the background automatically, meaning you won't have to move a finger to have your data updated.


Still wondering whether you are better off syncing everything manually? Don't hesitate and wonder, just download Free edition of SyncMate and see how it works.

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