Is there any app to replace Android File Transfer?

Since Apple doesn’t offer any built-in option to connect Mac with Android devices, Android File Transfer by Google is probably the first solutions Mac users with Android phones refer to when it comes to syncing data between these devices.
Unfortunately, even though Android File Transfer is developed for Android & Mac combo exactly, it doesn’t work correctly with these devices and hasn’t been updated since 2012.
So you may wonder - is there any Android File Transfer replacement? The only solution we can vouch for and advise is SyncMate. It not only allows connecting Android as Mac disk, but also syncing data between Android and Mac applications directly.

Give us a few minutes and we’ll convince you that SyncMate is worth your time and attention.

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About SyncMate

What is SyncMate

To say it briefly SyncMate is an app to sync and transfer data between Mac and Android. To add more to it - SyncMate is the best software for all your synchronization and data transfer needs.

Android file transfer alternative

SyncMate offers a super handy option called “Mount disk” for mounting your Android device as Mac disk and browsing its content directly in Finder, just as you would do with any other external drive.
Wait a minute, isn’t that what you were looking for?

Your Android files in Finder

Using Finder to copy and move Android files and folders, archive a bulk of files and so on is so convenient! Thanks to SyncMate you can do it all as easily as if you were moving files on your hard drive.

Contacts and Calendars sync

Android and Mac are not as seamless of a pair as Mac and iPhone, so it is a real treat to be able to synchronize all new and edited events as well as contacts between your phone and computer.

Let the music inspire you

Love the particular music collection and don't want to part with it even for a second? Don’t limit yourself to your computer only - sync separate tracks or entire playlists between your Android and Mac and enjoy them wherever you go.

Manage photos and videos

With SyncMate videos and images are perfectly updated between your Android and Mac. And it is not just keeping up-to-date, it is also conversion of images into different resolutions, and of videos into different formats. You can choose codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate for your videos before you sync them.

Texting from Mac

Working on your computer and suddenly need to answer a couple of texts? No problem! Just do it right on your Mac with its full-size keyboard. You can also read, send, and export Android texts on Mac.

Play big - sync entire folders

No need to sync each file separately between Mac and Android. SyncMate takes care of your folders full of files syncing them neatly from Mac to Android and vice versa.

Apps integration

SyncMate thrives on doing all routine job for you. It syncs everything meticulously and directly - be it contacts or playlists, you can be sure that they will be updated directly in Contacts/Address Book and iTunes/Music, not just transferred as separate files. SyncMate makes a great Android File Transfer alternative thanks to syncing capabilities.

The cherry on top

All SyncMate can do it can also do automatically. You'll only need to set it up once and from then on you can forget about having to sync stuff - everything will be performed quietly in the background.


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We are pretty sure, you’ll like it as much as we do.

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