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Top 3 software for remote assistance Android

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 11, 2019

What is remote assistance and why support Android devices over the network?

The remote assistance is the process where a support specialist accesses customer devices over the network and helps resolve issues via the computer instead of dealing with clients in person.

If a customer has a problem with, let’s say, an Android tablet, this method relieves them of the need to transport the malfunctioning device to the service center. A technician can simply connect to the device across the Internet and access it like the gadget was attached directly to the specialist’s computer.

This helps to increase customer satisfaction. And creating an environment where customers feel prioritized and cared for is the primary goal of any service center. Offering the remote support option is probably the simplest way to achieve this.

In view of the growing number of Android users all over the world, today remote assistance for Android devices becomes one of the most critical tasks.

Best apps for remote support of Android devices

remote support of Android devices

Thankfully, there are lots of remote support applications, tools, and services that allow techs to remotely access and control Android devices without any difficulties.

In this article, we'll have a look at some of the most popular and efficient ones. All of these software solutions work fine with almost any version of Android OS on most devices and gadgets. The applications we’ll highlight below are ideal for those who want to connect to remote gadgets fast and securely over any distance.

So, let's look at the useful and powerful applications for mobile device remote support and repair.


We’ll start with the app that takes the leading position in the market of remote support tools - HelpWire.

HelpWire is a custom solution developed by Electronic Team. The app is based on a unique port virtualization technology that allows redirecting Android devices over the network so that an expert can access them on the local PC.

HelpWire works equally well across LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, and the Internet. One of the major advantages of the software is that it’s extremely easy to install and use.

Still wondering how to remotely support an Android phone? Here’s a simple step-by-step instruction:

  1. Your client plugs their Android phone into a USB port of their local computer, starts HelpWire, and logs into the software account. Then, the customer waits for a tech specialist and, once the technician starts the session, describes the problem using the HelpWire live chat.

  2. Next, the tech connects to the client’s Android phone over the Internet and works with it as if the device were attached directly to the experts PC.

  3. Once the problem is fixed, the operator disconnects from the phone and ends the support session.

The key advantages of HelpWire:

  • The speed of connections. With HelpWire, you’ll be able to provide rapid responses to your customer needs. The software allows accessing remote Android devices with just a couple of clicks.

  • Secure communications over the network. The advanced encryption that HelpWire uses will protect all transported traffic from unauthorized access.

  • Competitive edge. By offering the support service with the remote access capability, you gain a significant advantage over your competitors that still rely on traditional methods of customer support.

  • White-labelling. You can add the solution to your offering and distribute HelpWire under your company’s logo and name.

  • Live chat. To increase the efficiency of communications with your customers, you can exchange video, audio, and text messages in real time via a convenient HelpWire live chat.


Boomgar is another advanced remote diagnostics software that enables remote control over Android devices made by Samsung, HTC, and Dell. What this tool does is lets you see the screen of a remote device so that you can provide troubleshooting and remote assistance for Android tablet, phone, etc.

The powerful Boomgar features include:

  • • Сommunications via live chat;

  • • Transferring files from and to Android devices;

  • • Stopping or uninstalling troublesome programs;

  • • Sharing the remote support session with other team members;

  • • Accessing unattended Android devices used as point-of-sale systems, etc.

Boomgar allows full screen-sharing and offers remote support of an Android phone from a PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux). This solution makes it possible to access programs on a remote Android phone and type and click as if the tech specialist is holding the device in their hands.



TeamViewer QuickSupport is a handy solution for remote support of Android-based and iOS devices. This tool provides remote access to mobile devices through TeamViewer software and helps to troubleshoot users' problems from a remote location.

The application is designed for mobile operators, technical support services, system administrators, etc. It significantly facilitates the work of technical support teams at the same time improving the quality of the service they provide.

With this dedicated program, an IT professional can connect to and remotely support Android devices from his own computer. It’s even possible to delete applications and terminate processes on a remote phone, tablet, or any other gadget.

In addition, TeamViewer QuickSupport offers device management and full remote access to the display for Sony, Medion, Alcatel One Touch / TCL devices.

The core capabilities of the solution:

  • Chat. The support specialist can communicate with the end-user in order to better understand the problem and give the necessary advice (no phone call is needed).

  • Real-time screenshots. The specialist can take a screenshot on a remote mobile device in real time (after the screenshot is done, the image is automatically sent to the program TeamViewer on the tech’s computer);

  • Full access to device settings. The support expert can access the settings of a remote Android phone or tablet and change them, this also applies to communication settings (e.g. Wi-Fi).

  • Access to system logs. Viewing system information and system logs can help identify the problem;

  • File transfer. The tech can easily transfer files to and from the remote device they are connected to.


Bottom line

There’s plenty of software tools for remote support of Android phones from PC. In this article, we highlighted the ones that have gained the most popularity among providers of remote device diagnostics and support.

If you need a solution that will not only reliably establish a connection over the network but make the process of remote assistance as simple as possible, HelpWire seems to be the best choice.

This custom product offers absolutely unique technology which gives tech specialists much-desired flexibility in implementing the solution in their service centers.


Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your needs.
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