Is there any way to connect Xiaomi to Mac?

Do you have an Android Xiaomi phone and coincidentally love your Apple computer? In this case you've probably already bumped into an issue of connecting these two.

As Apple doesn't offer any native solution to connect Xiaomi to Mac, you'll need a reliable app that will do that for you. SyncMate is a well-known reliable synchronization software that helps you connect Xiaomi with Mac.

Are we getting you interested? Don't hesitate to read further and find out more about Xiaomi Mac connection and how SyncMate handles it.

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Connect Xiaomi Mac
Connect Xiaomi to Mac

About SyncMate

Our Mac to Xiaomi connect software offers a multitude of handy features to connect computer and phone and manage contacts, calendars, images, videos, audio files, and more between them. As a bonus, SyncMate allows you to connect many other Android devices too.

How to connect Xiaomi and Mac

You'll be pleased to know how easy it actually is to connect Mac and Xiaomi with SyncMate. You will get a direct access for browsing and managing files on your phone or tablet in your macOS Finder app: copy, move, or delete files with your mouse cursor.

macOS Finder features for your Xiaomi

Once you connected your device to computer you will be able to use all familiar features of Finder app for your Xiaomi content: transfer many folders together, copy files to multiple folders at once, archive several files together, etc.

Contacts and Calendars

Thanks to the possibility to connect Mac and Xiaomi with SyncMate you will never miss out on an important event, neither will you lose an important contact information right when you need it. SyncMate will ensure you have contacts and calendar events up-to-date on both sides.

Let the music inspire you

If you have some catchy playlist on your computer wouldn't you want to listen to it on your phone or tablet too? SyncMate will sync your connected Xiaomi and Mac in order to have all good music on every device you may carry along.

Manage photos and videos

Not only you can have your Xiaomi device connected to Mac with the help of SyncMate, but you can also sync videos and photos between them. SyncMate also offers you the option to change image resolution and convert videos to other formats before the sync.

Text from your Mac

Use our Mac Xiaomi connection app to type your SMS messages on your Mac keyboard. With SyncMate you can take full charge of your Xiaomi SMS messages on Mac - read, compose, send, remove, export to TXT, CSV and HTML and search through.

Sync folders and files on Mac and Xiaomi

Now that you know how to connect Xiaomi to Mac, we'll fetch you some more great news on the subject! You can synchronize the entire folders filled with various files between Mac and Xiaomi.

Integration with Apple apps

SyncMate is a very responsible app that offers no less than a secure and direct communication with the synchronized apps on both computer and mobile device. Address Book and Contacts, as well as Music libraries on both devices are connected without the involvement of any cloud services or third-party apps.

Cherry on the cake

Everything we have discussed in this article - every sync option - can be automatic. This means you can set up your preferences once and after that SyncMate will sync your connected Xiaomi with your Mac in the background and you won't have to move a finger!


Still kicking around the idea of a software for Xiaomi Mac connection? Don't wait any longer - download free SyncMate and put its extraordinary list of features to a good test!

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