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Support USB and COM-based equipment remotely

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business by providing remote diagnostics and maintenance of your products.

Support and repair your products over the Internet

On-site tech support
Fixing and supporting of USB and serial equipment often requires that the device is connected directly to a specialist's computer. To make this possible, manufacturers need to either send their service specialists to a customer site, or ask clients to transport their equipment to a support center.

As a result, the troubleshooting service becomes a costly and time-consuming process.
Remote tech support
HelpWire allows engineers to provide remote diagnostics and control of any USB and serial port devices. Connected over the Internet, remote client equipment will appear on technicians’ computer as though it were attached to their machine physically.

Custom software for remote technical support

HelpWire is a unique software that can be designed with a custom GUI or any other specific feature added per your request. Tell us what you need, and we will develop a remote support software ideally suited for your business.
Custom software for remote technical support

The ease of use

With HelpWire, your clients don’t need to rely on additional complex hardware or software. Any device can be shared and accessed over network with just a couple of clicks.

Connect globally

HelpWire eliminates the need for on-site visits, which allows reducing time investment in handling customer issues. The software works over any distance no matter how far your customer is located.

Competitive edge

The unique remote support solution ensures a higher level of customer support and provides you with a significant advantage over your competitors.
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HelpWire — optimal solution for remote access to customer devices

Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your business needs.

Step 1 — Client side

A customer attaches the equipment that needs to be fixed to a computer running HelpWire and shares the device with a few clicks.

Step 2 — Operator

An operator connects to the customer’s malfunctioning device over the network and gains full access to the equipment.

Step 3 — Operator

The expert diagnoses and fixes the device remotely. Once finished, the specialist ends session and automatically disconnects from the equipment.

Key advantages of HelpWire

Using HelpWire unlocks a host of benefits. Here are some of the advanced features offered by HelpWire:

Multiplatform support

HelpWire is a cross-platform solution fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems.

Secure connections

All network connections established with HelpWire are reliably protected with advanced encryption, which ensures high level of security for data transfer.


Customize HelpWire with your own brand, logo, and identity. Get a unique solution with a custom GUI tailored for your company.

Live Chat

Provide your customers with immediate attention and quick responses via efficient communication channel - HelpWire Chat.
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HelpWire — rapid response to customer needs

HelpWire simplifies the process of product support and maintenance, which allows saving considerable time and money. Compare a standard procedure of on-site tech support with remote support based on using HelpWire:

Remote support with Helpwire

Faster and more responsive service. Happy customers.
Supporting customers around the globe.
No need to transport equipment.
Fast response to clients’ issues.
Saving the expense of specialists' travel.

Standart support process

Geographical restrictions. High tech support costs.
Dependence on equipment location.
High costs of device transportation.
Time-consuming process of maintenance and repair.
High costs of the time specialists spend travelling between clients' premises.

Transparent Pricing

The implementation of HelpWire is performed in two stages: Development of custom software and Subscription.

Stage 1 — Development of custom software

You pay a one-time fee for building the solution that is right for you and get a remote support software that conforms to your business.

Stage 2 — Subscription

Upon completion of the development phase, you are provided with one month free trial. Once the trial period is over, you’ll be offered a monthly subscription plan for software support and maintenance.
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HelpWire Technology

Electronic Team, Inc. is a technology development company that has been creating and implementing versatile network solutions for over 15 years. USB and serial port virtualization is one of our many specialties.

Supported devices

HID devices
Wi-Fi adapter
Audio/Video devices
Game controller
Bluetooth adapters
Diagnostic devices
Smart card readers
Mass storage
Communication devices
Video cameras
Personal healthcare devices
USB security dongles

Supported platforms




Embedded systems



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Electronic Team, Inc. is a technology development company that was founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of developing innovative and affordable technologies for various industries.
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