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  • SyncMate

    SyncMate will sync data on Mac with Android devices, iCloud, Google, and Dropbox accounts, other Mac computers, iOS devices, any mounted or MTP devices, and lots more!
    ver.5.3 (~43.85Mb)
    Mac synchronization
  • USB Network Gate

    Easily connect one or multiple remote USB
    devices to your computer over Ethernet
    (Internet/LAN/WAN) and use them as if
    the device was plugged into your own machine.
    ver.6.2 (~5.72Mb)
    USB to Ethernet
  • Flash Decompiler

    Decompile Flash movies and convert SWF to FLA
    in one click! Extract all Flash file resources
    into various formats and edit SWF files on the go.
    ver.5.3 (~26.86Mb)
    Flash Decompiler
  • Elmedia Player

    Watch your favorite animations and videos with
    free media player for Mac. Great variety of formats
    is supported.
    ver.5.1 (~29.71Mb)
    Elmedia Player
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More of our products
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver

    Create any number of virtual COM port
    pairs connected via a virtual null-modem

    Learn more >
  • Serial to Ethernet Connector

    Share serial port over network,
    access COM ports remotely and
    emulate COM ports over TCP

    Learn more >
  • Serial Splitter

    Create virtual COM ports and allow
    multiple applications to recieve same
    data from real serial port simultaneously

    Learn more >

  • Serial Port Monitor

    Monitor, log, and analyze
    RS232/422/485 COM port activity
    in the system

    Learn more >
  • Airy YouTube Downloader

    Download videos from YouTube
    and use option to extract MP3
    sound from videos

    Learn more >
  • Photobulk

    Watermark, resize, optimize,
    rename and convert multiple
    photos in a click.

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Corporate News
21.04.2015. Meet new USB Analyzer 3.0 with USB root hubs support, exporting logs in .json format, etc.! Learn more >

People talking about our products
“With Virtual Serial Port Driver XP we have the possibility to send the GPS data from our own programmed controlling software to the inland water navigation program. So we see the actual position and the course of the boat on the monitor. That’s very important when you drive in exhalation on a lake and you can’t see the coast.”
Thomas Doebele

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