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In our daily life, we use a number of applications and devices that require interaction with serial ports. But the device may be located on the big distance from the local computer and the remote access feature goes to the first place.

In this article, we will try to figure out how remote RS232 and other serial ports work and talk about the methods to convert RS232 to Ethernet, or in fact, convert any serial port over the network.


Due to many devices and serial port equipment surrounding us, the demand for RS232 to Ethernet Converters is always high. They include tools developed for industrial automation systems, points of sale, laboratories, etc. To work with such equipment we need to access remote devices, and the easiest way to do it would be to convert your serial port over a network.

Serial to Ethernet Converter is an electronic appliance or a specialized software which converts RS232, RS485 or RS422 serial data signals to TCP/IP packets. Both software and hardware Serial to Ethernet Converters works in the same way. The serial port signal goes to the network connection and it is being converted to the dedicated network protocol (TCP/IP/Ethernet). To receive this connection on the remote computer RS232 converter performs the opposite - converts network protocol to the serial signal again.

So, the importance of having RS232 to LAN Converter, when you work with serial devices, is obvious. And there are two ways to complete the remote access for your serial port device or app - software and hardware converters.

To use the Serial to Ethernet Converter, download and install the app, it will display a list of devices available to you, find the one you need and connect to it. Serial to Ethernet Connector converts RS232 over Ethernet and allows to manage the serial port device from the remote point.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector

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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Software solution to access RS232 devices remotely

The easiest way to convert serial data to Ethernet is RS232 to Ethernet Converter software. Say, you need to get a simultaneous access to several serial devices that work via different data transfer protocols – RS232/485/422, and the devices are located in different places, perhaps even in different countries or continents.

RS232 to Ethernet Converter

At first, this does not seem to be feasible at all – obviously, laying a cable across the ocean is not an option. Serial to Ethernet Converter Software is what will save your day in such a situation. With its help you get access to serial ports supporting various protocols, no matter where they are actually located. Now you can forget your worries about the length of the cable connecting your serial device and computer. Serial to Ethernet Converter allows you to display and access serial ports converted over network, as if they were on your local machine.

Here is your step-by-step guide on COM to Ethernet Converter software use:

  1. Follow this link to download the software, install it on both computers – the one that shares a serial port and the one that needs access to it.
  2. Launch the application on the computer that has the port to share, choose ‘Server’ connection in the app and customize settings, if required. Click ‘Create connection’ and open the port.
  3. Launch the application on the other computer and create ‘Client’ connection. Check that the hostname of the remote computer and the shared port number are identical to those set on the server. Click ‘Connect’.

That’s it, now you have full access to the functionality of the remote devices.

Hardware solution to convert RS232 over IP

Hardware converters of RS232 over Ethernet are actually compact servers that connect autonomous devices with serial interface to Ethernet.

RS232 to Ethernet Converter

The problem here is that just like any hardware solution, it has certain restrictions:

  • The number of converted devices is strictly limited by the converter’s specification. Manufacturers typically make converters with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 ports.
  • Also note that not all converters provide simultaneous support to RS422/232/485 protocols. More often you have to choose one type of serial port protocol.
  • To display a serial device on your computer, you will need additional software to emulate virtual serial port.

How to set up RS232 to IP converter hardware:

  1. First, assign a static IP address to your computer. Now install the provided virtual serial port software.
  2. Connect RS232 to Ethernet IP converter to your computer using either a standard Ethernet cable or crossover or straight-through cable. Connect it to the power supply.

    To check the connection, enter the converter’s IP address in your browser and press Enter. This should take you to Admin’s page, and if you do not see it, redo the setup procedure for the converter.
  3. Launch the software and click ‘Search’. Once your RS232 to TCP/IP converter is found, click ‘Create COM port’ button to create a virtual port.

    Now go to Device Manager on your computer – the newly created port should be displayed there. If it is nowhere to be seen, go back to the setup procedure.


In this article, we discussed two main methods of converting serial devices over a network, so you can get remote access to them. The software solution is more preferable than the hardware. Serial port to Ethernet Converter from Eltima seems to be easier to setup and manage, besides it does not require any hardware and additional cords. You just need to install the app, and easily get access to your remote computer. Choose the serial to Ethernet converter for your own needs, and get all its advantages!

If you have only the USBs but need a serial port connection to work with your app, try the USB to Serial Converter. It will help to convert your USB to RS232, and if you need the port is recognized as a serial connection. Just request it here. You also need no hardware and may access COM port without an existing one.

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