PhotoBulk – Photoshop alternative for batch editing

Photoshop is widely used all over the world and is considered to be one of the most popular photo editing software. Having so much to offer in terms of image editing it can be the gold standard among the other apps. Nevertheless, the only disadvantage of this software is that it is ruinously expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, keep your chin up! It worth noting that there is a big variety of Photoshop alternatives presented on the market, so you can always find the decent image editor for Mac for lower price or even free.

Photoshop editor

Alternative to Photoshop that allows bulk image editing

PhotoBulk was developed by Eltima Software and it is a bulk image editor that can be rather handy if you are working with dozens of photos each day. The software has a user-friendly interface and it won’t take you a lot of time to get to know how it is working. Simply choose the photos, drag-and-drop them to the PhotoBulk’s window and select a required action. What can be easier? Bulk image editing is a useful feature that saves you time and effort and make all the process easy.

Bulk image editor

With PhotoBulk you can resize and optimize the photo in one click that can be useful if you are dealing with the web sites that as we all know accept photos of certain size and dimensions. The app can be a great photo converter as it supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF formats, as well as HEIC (macOS 10.13.+).

Got tired of remaining the batch of photos one-by-one? Forget about it with PhotoBulk as it supports the feature of bulk renaming. All you need to do is type in a name for the photos, choose start number, how many digits the number will have and choose the prefix or suffix (whether the digits will appear before or after the chosen name). The most important is that original photos remain untouched.

Another great feature offered by this app is the ability to add watermarks to the photos. It can be very handy if you do not want the others to use your photos without your permission. In PhotoBulk you can add 4 different kinds of watermark: text, image, script and datestamp and combine them as you wish no matter if you want only text watermark or text watermark with image watermark or all the 4 on your photo. The most striking you can keep watermark size proportional to each image that will save your time and nerves when adding watermark in bulk.

Watermark photos

Want to see how all of the settings applied to a photo? With PhotoBulk you can easily preview edited photos before making final changes and the coolest thing is that all the settings won’t affect the original photo.

Try it yourself and check how easier it can be when you want to process batch of photos with this Photoshop alternative Mac solution. With PhotoBulk bulk photo editing can be way too much fun.


Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 9.73MB free space
Version 2.1.246 (7th Feb, 2018) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication