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Null Modem Emulator
Emulate virtual Null-modems

Null Modem Emulator is used to create compatible serial ports connected via virtual null modem. These virtual COM ports work in pairs, forming a virtual “bridge”: data sent by one application will be instantaneously received at another end of the pair by another application.

The ports created by this virtual null modem emulator appear to your operating system or any Windows application as standard hardware serial ports. In fact a virtual null modem emulator not only does not clutter your desk, but also works faster than a real null modem. The virtual COM driver can be included in your own software providing a way to create and configure virtual COM ports directly from your application (OEM license).
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Virtual Serial Port Driver benefits
Virtual Serial Port Driver

Any number of virtual COM ports

With this null modem RS232 driver you can create almost unlimited number of virtual com ports and assign them any name, including the name of an existent serial port. Created ports are located in “ports” group in Device Manager so that they are visible and easily recognizable by the system. You can define which application can access a particular port, your real hardware serial ports remain free.

Real ports settings emulation

These virtual com ports emulate all the serial port functionality, including Baud rate, data bits, parity bits, stop bits, etc. RS232 null modem driver uses advanced Windows kernel driver technology, which ensures WDM, WMI, Power Management, PnP, etc. support. This virtual com port driver emulates a serial line break and it is fully compatible with API COM and supports all Windows messages.

All signal lines support

The virtual serial ports created with Virtual Serial Ports Driver emulate and support all standard hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.). Similar to the connection via real null modem cable, DTR of the local port is connected to DSR and DCD of the remote port, and RTS of the local port is connected to CTS of the remote port. Moreover, you can choose loopback pinout or customize it according to your hardware configuration.
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO features
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is an effective, comprehensive software application based on Virtual Serial Port Driver functionality. The null modem emulator allows the bundling and customization of virtual serial ports, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. Using Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO gives you an easy and convenient way to manage all your COM ports, both real and virtual.
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO
  • Serial port splitting

    Exact replication of hardware serial interfaces is enabled by this virtual null modem emulator which lets you split a single physical serial port (e.g. Com 1) into multiple virtual communication ports (COM2, COM3, etc.). Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO lets different applications share hardware serial ports. A single COM port and attached device can then be accessed by multiple serial applications.
  • Joining COM ports

    The Virtual Null Modem software allows you to link multiple physical ports to one virtual. Using this Null Modem Emulator enables simultaneous data transmission from all connected real COM ports to a serial application attached to the virtual COM port. Essentially, you can now direct data traffic from multiple devices to a single application.
  • Creating bundle connections

    Applications that work with a finite number of ports can take advantage of one of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO’s special features. Using this option, called Switcher, you can join multiple physical ports into one virtual port that is used by your application by creating a switcher to the virtual COM. You have the choice of using the same name on all of the ports.

    The switcher detects free COM ports from the list of joined ports and offers one to your application whenever it requires a serial port connection. Your program will appear to be communicating through the same port as it takes advantage of any available free serial port.
  • Switching ports automatically

    In case your application is designed to work with a limited number of ports, you can use Switcher, a special feature of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO. With this option, you can join several physical ports into one virtual (optionally, you can give the same name to all of the ports), and create a switcher to this virtual COM port in the required app.

    Whenever your program will require a serial port connection, the switcher will detect a non-occupied COM port in the list of joined ports and offer it to the app. This way, your program will automatically talk to any free serial port as though it were always the same port.

  • Merging COM ports

    All devices and applications can enact simultaneous data exchange with multiple other devices or applications. Any number of physical or virtual COM ports can be added to a single serial port bundle that is not segregated into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides. One of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO’s advanced features replicates anything sent to one port to all other real or virtual bundled ports.

Compare STANDARD and PRO versions

# Feature Standard Pro
1 Unlimited creation of pairs of virtual serial ports
2 Complete emulation of hardware control lines and physical COM port settings
3 Multiple virtual ports can be created by splitting one virtual or physical COM port
4 Unlimited physical or virtual serial ports can be merged in a single virtual COM port
5 Complex port bundle creation supported
6 Dynamically delete ports in use by other applications
7 Virtual ports capable of two-way high speed data transfer
8 Redirect transmission from a real port to a different real or virtual port
9 Strict baudrate emulation
10 Employ standard, loopback, and custom virtual null-modem schemes
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  • We are using VSPD for testing out Geographic Information System software connectivity with a virtual GPS (software simulation). The GPS emulator is simulating the output we normally receive from a GPS navigator.
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