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Serial Port Tester

Serial Port Tester (aka Serial Port Monitor) is a system tool that provides a means to monitor, display and analyze serial port activity. While RS232 is the recommended standard for serial communication, Serial Port Tester is not solely a RS232 port tester. It works on RS422 and RS485 serial interfaces as well. Monitoring serial data transmissions is for anyone with the need to develop, test and debug firmware as well as any software or hardware solutions that make use of a serial port. You can test any serial port on Windows 7/10.

COM Port Tester has a user-friendly interface with handy features like a customizable search and filter function, and the ability to export the data from a monitoring session. COM Port Tester is a standalone utility that does not require additional software or hardware to perform its function.
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Serial Port Monitor Integration

Whether you're looking at embedded COM Port Test solution as a part of your product you can consider Serial Port Monitor ActiveX as a component for implementation.
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Why do you need Serial Port Tester?

  • How Serial Port Tester can help with general tasks

    You can set up test filters according to the specific task at hand. All standard serial control requests are supported including I/O Request Packets (IRP); the filtering of IRPs and input-output control or IOCTLs. Various views are available in the application user interface to suit your particular needs. These views are Terminal, line view, dump view and table view.
  • Testing of multiple COM ports

    With COM Port Tester, it is possible to test and monitor multiple ports simultaneously. This allows you to analyze how different devices and applications interact within a single session. All data is logged using a first-in, first-out (FIFO) approach.
  • Analyzing serial port activity

    It is possible to track, log and display all the activity of all the serial ports within the system. All the data that is collected is displayed in a simple interface with multiple filter options, making it easier to view only the information that is pertinent to the particular task at hand. It is also possible to save the data from previously monitored sessions for the purpose of data comparison. The user interface of Serial Port Tester allows you to view this data side by side in separate configurable windows for ease of comparison.
  • Emulating the exchange of data

    RS-232 Test Software provides a facility to send test data to a monitored port, emulating actual data from an application. To do this, simply select the port to which you want to send data to, configure the baud rate, data bits, parity, flow control and stop bits as required.
  • Analyzing Modbus RTU and ASCII data

    You can also monitor and analyze Modbus Remote Terminal (RTU) and Modbus ASCII data packages. This is an advanced feature of Serial Port Tester that provides you with an efficient and convenient way to visualize Modbus data.

When would you need to test serial port and monitor serial communication?

If you need to test COM port data or analyse the interaction of serial devices with your software or hardware, you can use Serial Port Tester to record all the data that is passed between the serial ports, and it’s not limited to RS232 test software. This makes it easier to analyze all the port activity from the recorded logs to identify any potential problems. This article will help to explain how to check serial port communication.

To monitor and analyse all asynchronous serial transmissions to log and highlight any downtime.

Troubleshoot problems

To troubleshoot problems that may arise with peripheral devices like printers, keycards and terminals etc.


To provide data exchange protocols between devices when no documentation exists.


To monitor sensitive data or devices that require constant monitoring, for example - pressure or temperature gauges in an industrial plant. All data is logged and backed up securely.

Full features list of Serial Port Tester

COM Port Tester is fully compatible with Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).
Digitally signed for safety and peace of mind.
Multiple simultaneous port monitoring enabled.
Ability to add additional ports to existing monitoring sessions
Full support of all types of COM ports including generic onboard ports, virtual COM ports, BlueTooth serial ports, USB to Serial cradles, etc.
Full monitoring and logging of data transmission.
Ability to emulate data sending with advanced send dialog. Aliases can be used for faster typing and automation; send files and loop functions and commands. In the Professional / Company Edition versions of Serial Port Tester, you can change serial port parameters while a monitoring session is active.
In the Professional / Company Edition you can also start and stop monitoring a serial port that is already opened by another application.
All data capturing happens in real-time.
All incoming and outgoing data is logged.
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